Saturday, 1 June 2013

Asos Curve black & white review

Hey y'all, my ASOS order arrived so insanely quickly, I picked it up today and thought I'd do a quick review.... I look a bit... errrr... haunted?! It's just because I've got no makeup on!
 New Asos Curve jumpsuit. My experience with Asos (jersey) jumpsuits is that they're always too baggy on the bottom, so I sized down to a 20.
 This just isn't for me, it's basically exactly the same shape as the black jersey jumpsuit I reviewed last year and sadly it doesn't fit my body as I'd like. The bodice is a bit too short and the pockets stick out in an odd way. The flash does make it look a bit white but it's actually not too bad in normal light.
Although I'm not keeping this, I think it will be brilliant on other people - probably someone with a shorter body than me... or just shorted in general might make the proportions better & more comfortable. Glad I sized down though, the 22 would certainly have been baggier on my legs / bum than I'd like!
 Oh man I so wanted this dress, it's amazing, but as you can see it really really accentuates my lumpy belly & thighs. It's not quite as bad in normal light but wowzers! This is a size 22 btw.
The front of the dress is a print on a paler colour so when it stretches it goes white and really draws attention to the bumps :( Above is without shapewear....
 It's a bit better with shaping pants, but still doesn't do me any favours.
Basically this dress is amazing but just not for me. I really recommend it for any plus size ladies with a flatter tummy because the fabric is delicious and the best feature is the hem of the dress - it's really tight so its a proper bodycon - no bagginess here! Be warned though, It's quite long.... if your average height or shorter I think this would be approaching midi length!
 I knew I'd like this top! I was worried it wouldn't be stretchy so I sized up to a 24, but it has a decent amount of give.
I'm glad I sized up, as I think the 22 would have been a bit too clingy and would have looked weird!
Keeping this one! Ahhhh well, when it comes to Curve keeping one out of three ain't bad!


  1. Really cute finds, I especially like the jumpsuit. So sorry it and the dress didn't work out for you though, I hate finding items that I love and they just don't work out

    Also, I've nominated you for a liebster award, you can check it out here:


    1. Why thank you! I have no idea what A Liebster award is but thanks... I'll go and investigate!