Thursday, 20 June 2013

A couple of muggy days

I'm doing surprisingly well at wearing my wardrobe at the moment. I guess it's the excitement of being able to wear my lovely summer dresses... I have so many I really don't need to buy new ones (lets see how long it lasts eh?!).
 I went to visit my best friend & her tiny new baby yesterday, and it was so freaking hot!
I'm so happy to be able to wear this dress again, it's one of my favourites!
 It's vintage and is a really lovely lightweight fabric, non stretch with lovely shaping to the bust.
 I feel old fashioned sexy in it!
 Today was thankfully not as unbearably sweaty as yesterday, so I wore my one and only home-made dress. I am a shit seamstress so it's pretty shoddy work, but I was compelled to make it anyway!
 Basically I got a huge oversized scarf from Primark last year, and the more I looked at the print the more I thought 'I wish I could get a dress like that'. At this point I realised that if I bought another one I'd have enough fabric to make a dress, so I did! The sandals and cardi are from Primark too.
Terrible seams, but the scribbled pen & ink drawings on the fabric are sooo cute!
I've been a bit of a miserable bugger today, so I cheered myself up by trying on shoes in TK maxx. Generally I don't end up buying anything because normally all the good shoes are size 5. Today though, joy! These delicious leather Brako shoes fit like a glove, and were only £30 (Brako are normally £80+ so I was super chuffed!). It also makes up for the fact that I had to return my lovely Dorothy Perkins nude brogues because they were too big for me.
I'm a bit more cheerful now. How superficial! xx

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  1. It is a fundamental right of being a woman that allows us to be cheered up by buying shoes :)