Monday, 10 June 2013

A new look

Hi all! I got my new look parcel today (and another sneaky little parcel from somewhere else!) so here is my review....
How cute is this dress?! Good old new look! Only £19.99 and I just love it! I sized up to a 24 in this (there is a little bit of give to the denim but it's not stretch) and apart from being slightly snug on my boobs it's actually a pretty nice fit. It's above the knee on me but happily not too short. Already looking forward to wearing this one!
I'm really quite pleased with it.... I was so sure it wouldn't fit. Go buy it while it's still available, it's a great summer buy!
I was sure that this bralet top would be too short, but in reality it's actually just much too tight on the bust (even thought I sized up to a 24 again due to the non-stretch fabric) and I'm a bit gutted really because it's a cute top. I really think New look inspire need to sort their sizes out - my breasts really are in proportion to the rest of my body so I shouldn't have these problems in a sized 24 top! Oh well, if your belly is bigger than your boobs then this top would be perfect on you, it's just no good for me!

I tried on these jeggings but there's no picture because I couldn't get them on. I went for size 22 and although the waist was massive they were SO TIGHT on my calves and thighs that I couldn't pull them up..... and they were no way near stretchy enough to be proper jeggings! If you have a big belly and slim legs though, these may be for you!

Last but not least I got this beauty. I saw it and had to have it because I so love the print. The fact that it only cost £17.99 was a bonus! It's from xclusive fashions which sell clothes from size 14-32. They sell lots of the 'AX Paris' stuff and have a really good range of cheap bodycon dresses. I managed to stick with just the one despite wanting about 4 of them, but if your tempted to buy from them then use the code new20 to get a 20% discount on your first shop.



  1. That last dress is drop dead gorgeous! I love the bralet top and have no boobs so I might try it soon.

    1. I know, I resisted buying it for all of 30 seconds! Can't wait to style it up properly and wear it out!