Sunday, 23 June 2013

Want want want

I have no money at the moment, so I'm just looking.... Here are some things that I want, but I obviously can't have!
I've had many pairs of Irregular choice shoes, and I've always ended up selling them on ebay because they cut my feet to shreds! These little beauty's though, are a sensible height, and look a bit wider than their normal shoes. I've been trying to get some perspex heels for TIME, but they only seem to come with porn-shoes... i.e sky scraping heels that I could never walk in!

Oh good lord this Anna Scholz Dress is beautiful. Fingers crossed for another mega sample sale (and for this dress to be available in my size if that particular dream comes true!)

God damn it Domino Dollhouse! If only the collection all came out at the same time, I totally would have bought this skirt when I got my Nuclear seasons dress. Its the shipping / customs that makes it unaffordable atm :(
I love Tracey Neuls. I love brogues. I love Neon. 'Geek Neon' are amazing.I can't believe I missed their sample sale last month.... Fucking furious at myself for missing the tweets!
I can't see how I would ever afford a Carolyn De La Draperie dress... well expensive! This Eiffel tower print dress is so delicious though, and the shape is so classic!
More Irregular choice shoes. The heels are cherries for fecks sake! Ahhhh man.
Oh my god Rue 114, are you serious?! This jacket nearly made me cry.... want it so badly!

 I've wanted some of these Gareth Pugh / Melissa sandals for ages. But I object to paying so much for rubber shoes!
Another corking Anna Scholz Dress with a beautiful Art Nouveu style print. Love the colour palette. Love the dress. Want it!
Dammit United Nude. These lo Res are so cool! I genuinely believe that they would be agony to walk in though, having tried some on recently. The plastic is very hard. Would probably lacerate me so it's good that I can't afford them!

Steilmann dress (via Navabi). Makes my eyes go a bit bonkers, so I like it!

If I were rich, I'd need less of a walk-in-wardrobe, more of a walk-in-house!

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  1. I love me some bonkers shoes! That last dress is amazing too. :)