Tuesday, 18 June 2013

You can't always get what you want....

Like all other plus size bloggers I was really excited about the Simply Be blogger collaborations. The dress that I thought was the most 'me' shape-wise was Em's peacock print dress. There were so many pics put up on twitter that I just had to try it (despite really not being able to justify buying yet another dress!) so I ordered it in a size 24. The 22 had sold out and I often wear a 24 in Simply be dress made of this fabric. It's called jersey but it's not how it think of jersey... it's the stuff they make the Anna Scholz range from, which is stretchy but bounces back (rather than my idea of jersey which tends to loosen up after a bit of wear!). Be warned... no makeup!
This dress has made me realise something; I'm taller than I thought! I've seen this dress on loads of girls, but Becky from Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat and Lauren from Pocket Rocket Fashion stand out for me..... the dress hits them in all the right spots, the waist band sits just above their hips, and it's just under the knee. They look curvy and amazing in it! I'm sad to say that on me the waist band is just under my boobs, which would be fine if my boobs were close to my waist, but I'd say it's and inch or two too high to get any definition on my waist.

I feel a bit shapeless because of this.... I tried a belt but mixed with the heart shaped neck and shortish sleeves it just makes me look like a wrestler! Of course the belt also shortens the dress. I'm not saying 'oh my god this dress is so short', it's just that I tend to go for knee length or longer so I can have naked legs OR well above the knee so they're short enough to go nicely with leggings. This length just doesn't work on me, and I think leggings would destroy this lovely dress.
So, ignoring the fact that I'm too tall for this dress, I'm impressed with the quality of the make - it's actually better made than most other items I've bought from Simply be (including the Anna Scholz dresses) so it's been really well priced. The print is beautiful and colours are lovely. If Simply be offered different lengths I think this would have been a keeper for me, but as it stands I'm just not comfortable in it :(

Nice work though Em, I've seen so many girls looking amazing in this.... shame I'm too long for it!

Any way... on to my OOTD

 I've basically been cleaning all day, so I only just got dressed, and I'm feeling all relaxed! I noticed that ASOS Curve currently have a jersey floral jumpsuit, so I thought I'd wear their old version (this would probably be ankle length on a normal woman!). I'm wearing a ex-asos curve stock dress (from ebay) as a jacket.
I just liked the gathering at back of this dress! The sandals are from Dorothy Perkins last year.
I just couldn't wear the dress as an actual dress because it's really short and it's a bit low thanks to the heavy zip pulling it down at the front!
 I'm thinking I might take the zip off and add a hook & eye at the top so I can just wear it as a jacket.


  1. I actually think that peacock dress is remarkably flattering, without the belt (which I think thoroughly ruins the dress).

    1. Thanks for the comment Helen, I agree that the belt ruins the dress - I often think highly patterned dresses are spoilt by belts, which is why I don't often wear belts!

      I appreciate that others may like the way the dress looks on me, but sadly I don't like the way I look in it and that my only criteria when buying clothes! I know I would never wear it.... It's all about how I feel in my clothes, so keeping a dress I'm uncomfortable in when I have over 100 dresses already would be nonsensical! xx

  2. Shame about Em's dress, I think it looks nice on you, but if you're not comfortable that's it, isn't it? How comfortable and confident you feel in something is key imho. Also I adore that jumpsuit and that dress is amazing as a dress and jacket too! :)