Thursday, 6 June 2013

Working week tweets


Aviators - Vintage Versace
Denim jacket - New Look Inspire
Dress - Anna Scholz 
Bag - Dorothy Perkins
Sandals - Primark
I fucking LOVE my crayon print dress!  And I love my (pale!) bare legs too

Dress - Evans
Cardi - Primark
Flip flops - Ipanema
I took a trip to Primark this week and got these awesome sunglasses - I've wanted some heart shaped ones for ages, but had no intention of paying more than a fiver for 'em. Perfect!
I also picked up this cute monochrome jumpsuit from Primark for £10. The 20 is pretty generous and I love that it's got cuffed ankles and pockets!

Cardi - Dorothy Perkins
Top - primark
Trousers - Very (similar here)
Sandals - Primark (current, and on sale for £6 in black & tan - I have both of course!)

One of my favourite ever rings came out of the box today - this is a classic from Primark, I ended up getting one for my sister too because she was quite jealous!
Felt a bit like I was in a Harem wearing this outfit!
I got a 'mood' ring from ebay (here) and I love watching the colours change when it heats up on my finger!)

Aviators - Ray-Ban
Jacket - Clements Ribeiro for Evans (1st Swan collection)
Dress - Clements Ribeiro for Evans (3rd Swan Collection, similar here)
Leggings - Primark
Flip flops - Ipanema (similar here)
This coat is one of the 2 items I got from the 1st Swan collection. Still love this jacket, it's great for this kind of weather, although admittedly the shape means that it only goes with a few things!
So then, in my review of this dress (here) I said that it wouldn't necessarily be good in hot weather because the fabrics a bit synthetic, but I completely take that back, it was great in the heat and kept me very cool! I do however stick by my claim that it is not very good quality for £45. It's quite see-through so I'm wearing a nude body shaper underneath (little bit like this one). It's got much baggier throughout the day, and despite it being quite spacious on me now I spent my lunch hour sewing up the button holes because they kept coming apart every 2 minutes..... just walking from room to room seemed to be enough to pop them open which is fucking ridiculous! It also creased up really badly on the back of the skirt, and because the fabric is so flimsy there is not weight to pull it back down! BUT.....
....... it just LOOKS so beautiful! If this had been a firmer fabric with a bit of stretch to it I don't think I would have had so many problems with it today (and more people would have fitted into it!) but I'm not a designer so what do I know?! Anyway, I've got a long weekend full of activities coming up, so my next post will be outfit-tastic! xx

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