Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bargains Bargains Bargains!

I've got a few funky little bargains from Primark & Ebay recently, so I thought I'd show you them! 

First up thought, based purely on price I decided keep the asos long black dress, rather than ordering the 113 version. I've wanted a dress like this for ages, pretty much just so I have something to wear my little capelets with!
 Finding a nice (plain) sexy dress WITH SLEEVES to wear with this has taken me forever!
It's a really long dress, perfect for me! This feather collar is from Zara via ebay (£9 last year for a burlesque night!)
I've never been able to wear this delicious Primark capelet until now, nothing went with it! I'm glad I kept this dress. Good decision!
Isn't it divine?!

Right on to the Primani bargains!
You may have seen the lovely Gemma wearing this skirts twin sister here and for £10 they are a bargain. I just had to go for the cool minty palette as I don't have many of these shade in my wardrobe. This is actually a size 18 as they'd sold out of size 20, but it fits me fine. Thank god for elasticated waists!
Did I hear you say stretch wet-look joggers?! Errrrr hells yeah! Size 20, £8, soft and buttery comfortable heaven! I will certainly go for a less 1980's look when I wear them for real!

Now for my Ebay spoils!
Ahhhhhh..... My elvish circlet! Bieng a bit of a Fastasy nerd I've always wanted a circlet. Can't afford a proper lord of the rings headpiece (Arwens wedding one... amazing!) but this was about £15 which is quite reasonable (good ones are more expensive than I'd anticipated, and harder to get hold of too!).
I like it upside down too! I got it from this ebay store.
Not all from the same seller, but I got these lovely agate / nephrite rings from American store GemAvenue (they were about £3 each I think) as I'm massively obsessed with gemstone rings at the moment... can't get enough! 

The hair chop sticks are from a ebay site called QueCraft as are the 2 hair forks below. Love love love this kind of thing!
 Super cool!
Last but not least is a little pill box hat / fascinator from China that is available in loads of different colours. Love it! The buyer I got it from has sold out but you can get them here

Ahhhh the joy of Ebay! I do so much of my shopping from there, I'd be bankrupt if I didn't!
My boyfriend loves to walk in just as the shutter goes!


  1. Love that dress, really sets off your capelets perfectly. :)

  2. that primark capelet and that fascinator I need these in my life :)