Saturday, 15 June 2013

If only....

..... I was going somewhere today.......
 I started the day in a little dress as the sun was shining. Had to change thanks to the sudden down pours and howling wind!
I actually do quite a bit of customisation to my clothing, which this outfit proves rather well....

Polka dot shirt - Vintage (removed from the skirt section as it was drop-waisted, which looks revolting on me, I actually put the skirt on when I got home yesterday as my legs were on fire in my jeans... 2 items for the price of one!!)
Trousers - Asos Curve (I wish they weren't so seethrough, never mind!)
Booties - K ankle boots from Clarks... well old! (I cut the top section off, and sewed the belt from my Ruby Rocks lotus print skater dress round the ankles to make them more interesting!)

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous outfit, love the boots and your customisation. :)