Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Liebster Awards

I hope that I'll be able to do this correctly (It's been a fun project while my boyfriend is watching the tennis!). Here Goes nothin'..........

  • List 11 facts about yourself
  • Choose 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers to nominate (not including your nominator)
  • Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers that you nominate
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you by your nominator
  • Thank your nominator and give a link to their blog


  1. I’ve worn the same perfume since I was 16 (Les Belles De Ricci, Liberty fizz) and when it was discontinued I spent about £200 buying up every bottle I could find – luckily it doesn’t go off the way some perfumes do. I’ve only got 2 bottles left and I’ll be devastated when it’s gone, it’s such a part of me! I’ve tired countless perfumes in preparation for ‘the change’, but nearly all of them made me feel sick.
    The only one I can abide is Ombre Rose by Charles Bouseau so that will become my perfume in the not-to-distant future. Btw, if you can smell your own perfume your wearing too much, and you’ll be giving people like me a headache… flower bomb is the worst!
  2. I really don’t like those hi-top trainers with the inbuilt wedge… trainers are supposed to be comfy FFS.  I also can’t look at women walking in them, because I think they look like they have back to front ankle joints (like deer legs or something) and if really freaks me out!
  3. I can’t imagine my life without music. Music is the most powerful art form, it is truly universal, utterly primal. That was a pretty wanky thing to say, but hopefully gives you an idea of how important I think music is!
  4. I have had my heart broken by more female ‘friends’ than boyfriends / lovers.
  5. I have no words for how much I hate baseball caps.
  6. I’m a massive atheist. I like Science.
  7. I’m realistic about my health. For instance I know I’d have fewer problems with my feet / back if I weighed less.
  8. I Love love love comedy. Stand up, sitcoms, sketch shows, radio shows… everything. My DVD collection is testament to this obsession!
  9. I have some eyeshadows that are about 20 years old. Can’t bear to get rid of them…. maybe more to do with childhood memories than wanting to actually use them.
  10. I get extremely angry with people who call themselves vegetarians and then eat fish…. Err that’s a pescetarian mate! Don’t even get me started on so called vegetarians who sometimes eat chicken!  As for Vegetarians who don’t eat meat on cruelty grounds and then wear leather….. 
  11. I’m obsessed with men’s shoulders. They don’t need to be muscular, but I like square shoulders (sloping shoulders are a real turn off for me!). In fact my favourite scent comes from the skin on my boyfriend’s shoulders.

 Desi's Questions for me......

  1. Who is your favorite band/artist? I just have no idea how to answer this! I have a favourite artist per genre / per decade etc so it’s almost impossible to choose!  I think Stevie Wonder is probably a good shout. I bawled my eyes out when I saw him in concert…. he is beyond inspirational. In my humble opinion you can’t call yourself a music fan until you’ve really sat and listened to Talking book & Songs in the key of life. Even if you don’t like the style of music you have to appreciate the production! There is a reason why he has been sampled over and over again.  
  2. What is your favorite food? Another question that is almost impossible to answer! I am such a foodie, I love food from all over the world! Both my parents worked in the food & catering industries and we’re all obsessed with food & cooking. Hummmm…… I just think I will have to plump for something super English and say Sunday Roast. I even enjoy shit cheap roasts. Please excuse my huge ego here, but I think my own roast is my favourite…. It’s basically Christmas dinner minus the devils on horseback / pigs in blankets! Roast chicken is my favourite, and it’s got to have all the trimmings…. roast spuds, parsnips & carrots, stuffing,  a green veg… normally savoy cabbage or broccoli, Yorkshire pudding,  my mums home made cranberry sauce with port, bread sauce and what has come to be known as my ‘restaurant gravy’…. which basically means that I use all the chef tricks to make a strong and rich gravy which is tasty enough to drink on its own! 
  3. Do you have a current favorite TV show? Again, very hard to answer… I feel bereaved at the moment because we have finished Game of thrones, Louie & Arrested Development…. Hopefully True blood will fill this void for a while. Recently  I’ve really been enjoying the Tudor season on the beeb… Elizabethan England was always my favourite subject (plus I love history programs!) 
  4. What is one fashion item that you've been coveting recently? Last month I’d have said Miista holographic brogues, but at the moment I’m massively over excited about all the oriental prints on the catwalks, because they’ll be turning up on the high street soon…..ASOS curve already has a dress, but I’m holding out for something with a better print / shape!.  
  5. Name three of your favorite stores to shop. Asos Curve is top of my list. I shop at Primark loads to get cheap basics & accessories. In all honesty Ebay is the place I shop most regularly though… I’m a bargain hunter at heart! 
  6. What is the greatest thing that you've learned since starting your blog? The thing that I’ve been really amazed to learn is that so many of the other plus size bloggers have struggled to accept being fat, or have grown up hating their bodies. It’s really made me think about why I’ve never had such body issues despite being fat for pretty much my whole life. It’s also made me appreciate how lucky I am that I’ve never suffered from bullying  / mental illness / eating disorders etc…. I was always a confident girl (or a show off as my sister would say!), and I grew up into a confident woman. Personally the only disadvantage I’ve ever suffered because of being fat has been not being able to buy the clothes I want in my size…. but that is less of an issue as time goes on! 
  7. If you could be any villain from a Disney movie, who would you be? I’m not really a Disney sort of person…. Pixar is technically Disney now though right?! I’ll go for Charles Muntz from Up…. he has an army of talking dogs which would be amazing! 
  8. If you wanted to, what is one thing you could change or improve about your blog? I’d like my boyfriend to learn how to use a camera so he could take the pics for me! Also I might go back to the beginning one day and improve my labels / tags so that if people specifically want to look at jumpsuit reviews (for instance) then they can just click the label. I was a bit confused when I first started using blogger, and I focused on company names rather than clothing types!
  9. Best book that you've read recently. ‘Snuff’ by Terry Pratchett definitely. I’m a massive discworld fan to be fair, but Snuff really did crack me up… I couldn’t put it down. 
  10. What is your dream job/career? I’m sort of doing my dream job to be honest. I guess I’d like to have some minions as I’m a bit of a one woman department & I wish it paid better, but doesn’t everyone?! I’m not going to go into specifics while working under my alias (!) but I work in Arts & Culture. 
  11. If you could try anything new, what would it be? Full on lesbianism. Nahhh…. joking, that ship sailed a long time ago! Anything new…. I’d like to travel more, so I’d like that to become financially viable one day!

My nominees.... In all honesty I don't know what 'less than 200 followers' means, so I'm going purely on blog 'members' from Google friend connect!

  1. Michelle from Fat.Budget.Bitch. Possibly my favourite ever blog title!
  2. Val from Blog to Be Alive who has been a firm favourite of mine since before I started the blog.
  3. Sian from Sort life out; buy milk wears crazy outfits that make me want to give her a round of applause!
  4. Launa from Welcome to Wowsville has a Harry Potter / Deathly Hallows tattoo.... 'nuff said!
  5. Kathryn from Miss Kathryn's Mistakes - Who cares what her mum says, she looks good in short skirts!
  6. Becky from Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat is my honest review buddy!
  7. Aisling from A Plus Size Pony Pal has extremely good taste, which she proved by buying a dress from my blog shop!
  8. Nicola from 2 Many Cupcakes share my love of swing dresses and is so beautiful smiley in her pics!
  9. Charlotte from Apple Charlotte has created some plus size togs that make me dribble!
  10. Sahra from Sarah Smiles is a plus size pin up babe who caters to my vintage leanings!
  11. Megan from The Closet of Megan Faye - I've been enjoying watching Megan accept her body and try out more 'look at me' clothing. It's a heart warmer!

Okay Ladies, sorry to do this to you, but here are your questions....

  1. How old is the oldest item of clothing in your wardrobe?
  2. Why did you start your blog?
  3. D you have any personal 'fashion rules'?
  4. What frustrates you most about plus size clothing / stores / ranges?
  5. What is the sexiest song in the world?!
  6. Do you think you’re beautiful?
  7. What would your last meal be?
  8. Do you have any addictions?
  9. Which is chocolate is better, Cadbury or Galaxy?!
  10. What’s your favourite beauty product (I mean an enduring love, not a fleeting infatuation!)?
  11. What would you wear to the Oscars?!

Big thanks to Desi from Dollface Beauty for nominating me, check out her blog here xx

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  1. Thanks for the nomination. I'm a huge Terry Pratchett, haven't read Snuff yet though, might have to add to it to my to read list. :)

    Ah, its sad about you running out of your perfume, its awful when something you love gets discontinued.