Sunday, 2 June 2013

Print-tastic weekend

Quick post with my weekend outfits... there were actually 3 thanks to a 'no time for a shower' outfit on Saturday morning!
My boyfriend had a few too many shandys on Friday night and woke up starving (& with the shakes!) on Saturday morning. As we didn't have anything to fry in the flat I had to get dressed quick-smart and venture out in the search of a tasty breakfast. Luckily it was hot so I could just chuck this H&M+ dress on. Annoyingly this has disappeared from the website but I got it quite recently so it's probably still in store (if your lucky enough to have one that stocks the plus range!).
 After getting home and showering I thought I'd continue with the bright patterns and put my favourite primark stretchy tropical trousers on. perfect weather for these - they're quite warm so I can't wear them when it's really hot, but yesterday was just right!
 Teamed up with my old George top & Primark pumps. To be honest, the only reason I even bothered to get re-dressed was because my ASOS parcel arrived and I couldn't wait to try everything on! Still didn't bother with makeup though. Lovely day!
 Off to see my friends new born today, and sticking with the ott prints!
 Nice comfy dress this turned out to be, although the wind did blow it open a few times!
 We were joking that I was like a Grecian lady from the future. Grecian style dress yes, but with a cosmic print. Gladiator sandals yes, but Nike gladiators!
 Yeahhhh.... sooooo 2 years ago. Don't care, they're awesome.
I ended up wearing my hair in a ponytail because I think it suits the dress better!
Dress - Simply be
Cardi - Primark
Gladiators - Nike


  1. I agree ... those shoes are awesome. I like the cosmic grecian dress too.

  2. Love these outfits. Perfect for the weekend. So sad that dress isn't on the H&M website anymore. It's a lovely tropical print xx

  3. Thanks Pumba!

    Gemma D, they don't seem to have much online at h&m, although their website is rubbish so it could be there but I just couldn't find it!