Wednesday, 26 June 2013

One out of six

So my Asos sale haul arrived, and it's not that thought it was all rubbish but I just didn't really want to keep any of it! Unusual for me, but there you have it. I'll give you my reasons....
This dress is cute, the lace is soft and the size is spot on (size 22). It's just not me! I have just never found a lace dress that I like on me!
I went for a size 24 in this dress, and the top half fits nicely, but the bottom section looks pretty crap. On the site the dress looks like the body is fitted and then the hips balloon out and create a really nice shape. Not so in real life, it's a really standard cut, and the thin fabric makes it really creased up and clingy.
Such a shame, it looks really interesting on the site, and the print is so cute! 
I like this top, but I just don't need it. I wanted to try it because it has a longer peplum than many other peplum tops I've seen.
This is a size 22 which is a good fit everywhere other than the arms, which are really tight on me (I have massive arms to be fair!).
I kind of liked these from the front. I ordered a size 24 but would have been fine with my normal 22.
They're really not very flattering from the side, but I could have lived with that. What I couldn't live with was the noise they made when I moved. The friction between my legs against this shell like fabric sounded like a steam train! Gutted... would have kept these in a different fabric, they're unusual and cute :(
 This belt is unfathomable. I've still no idea which way up it is supposed to be worn!
I'm having to hold it in place because I just couldn't do it up... not because it's too small (I got the biggest size) but because the fastenings are ridiculous! Not impressed.
 The last item.... this is a lovely dress (I went for a 24 because I didn't want it to be too tight!) and I really recommend it. It has full length sleeves, and a nice split up the front, lovely scoop neck and it's only £15! Lots of belly, but also lots of ass! 
I'm in a real quandary about this dress, because there is an almost identical version from Oneonethree that I LOVE, and I think the high neck on that version makes it a more interesting shape. The 113 version is £35 which although more than twice the price of this one, is a really good price for an independent designer dress, and I definitely want to support smaller plus size retailers. Of course I can't justify having 2 long black bodycon dresses with splits up the front just because one has a high neck and the other is low-cut! Either way I have to make my decision before the end of the day when I take the asos parcel to the collect plus store! Argh... decisions decisions!

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