Thursday, 27 June 2013

Evans changing room

Regular readers will know by now that I'm not a very happy bunny in Evans, but I wanted to try out the most recent Swan collection now that its on sale. All size 24.
 Nice pattern, but too boxy. This fabric is so odd, it feels like t-shirt material but there's no stretch and it's really thick. I was well hot in this, which I wasn't expecting from a summer collection! It's hard to see in this pic but because it's so straight up & down there's no room for my bum, and so it pulls really tight across my belly. Nice on other people, but not for me!
 Same problem with this, and I'm sad because this would be a great dress with a slightly different cut.
can you see the push-me-pull-me situation going on between my belly & bum. Sizing up to a 26 would have made this too big on the top, so I had to leave it. My opinion on the Clements Ribeiro Swan collections haven't changed. 3 collections down and still the clothes are too boxy and without stretch. Such a shame. The reviews online aren't great so I guess I'm not the only one who thinks the clothes aren't very well fitted. BTW they had a few of the lip print shirt dresses in the sale at the Marble arch store, thought I'd mention it as they sold out online pretty quickly!
 While I was there I also tried the Live Unlimited top I've wanted for ages. Size 22-24. I liked it.
 My issue with this was the price. In typical Evans style it was a rip-off to begin with and is still £30 even in the sale, it's nice but I just couldn't justify spending £30 on it... most of my tops cost £10 & under, and I only wear each one a couple of times a year! It also has stupid open shoulders which I would instantly sew up... I cannot cope with 'cold shoulders'! It'll be one I keep an eye out for it on ebay, but if your not as tight as me then I think it's a really cool and comfy top!


  1. Love your comments all very true Hun

  2. I had the same problems with CR collections, boxy shapes, ridiculous fabrics, especially for a summer collection. Plus the prints aren't anything new tbh.

    Love that black and white top though, really gorgeous, but I agree £30 in the sale, good grief!