Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bank hollibobs

 I had a lovely weekend... went shopping and for tasty food on Bank holiday Monday (rhubarb and custard cupcakes drool drool!) then went to see Star trek in to darkness with the boyf.
I wore a bird print dress that I got recently from ebay.
This is ex-marks and spencers stock (size 22) and it's a lovely dress! Possibly not for those who are not comfortable showing their belly mind you as it's designed to be almost pinup style in shape so it clings to lumps!
 It's quite tight around the knees which is really nice as normally I find that fitted dresses are ruined by loose hems. It has a blue base with orangey / red birds. I saw a few of these on ebay so keep an eye out if you like it!
It has a really nice bodice with some nice detailing. It's feels like reproduction vintage really. It's a thick firm fabric with a bit of stretch.
Dress - Marks and spencers via ebay
Leggings - Primark
Shoes - New look
Sunglasses (top picture) - Primark
Rhubarb and custard sweet - from the top of a Ms cupcake cake... you can't have it, it's mine and not it's in my belly!

I'm wearing a yes to carrots lip tint in 'ready red' which is a really good orangy red - a colour I always find hard to come by... seemed to match quite well! Bit of natural light in some of these pictures for a change!

I'll probably wear this outfit again to work on Wednesday so that i don't have to use my brain in the morning!

 Today I haven't left the house so I'm keeping it minimal. No make up (or hair conditioner, which explains the state of my hair!) as I need to dye it later. Having to change colour again as Schwartzkopf seem to have completely discontinued my chocolate brown :(
Everything in this outfit is from Primark funnily enough!

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