Sunday, 21 April 2013

Top-tastic Primark haul!

I have a number of highly patterned trousers & skirts, and I find it really difficult to match them with tops. Finding (relatively) plain tops that cover my belly is tricky, but I went nuts in Primark on Friday and got some great bits & pieces, all size 20......
 Love this little star print top! £5.
 Shell top (worn backwards, 'cause I'm a bit backwards!). £6.
 I do plan to wear a vest under this (or at least black underwear!). £8.
 I tried the New Look inspire victoriana top like this (£17) below.....

..... and the size 24 was slightly smaller than this primark size 20. You can see that the neck is identical, but the Primark one is stretchy all over unlike the new look version. Primark also does this in navy which I sort of preferred, but I have more blue tops than white so I thought this would be more sensible. Winner! £8!

 Love these stretch cowboy tops, so comfy and a great length for trousers / skirts. on sale for £3 each!
 I've been trying to get a bowie t-shirt for fucking years! Didn't want a shapeless mens t-shirt, but couldn't get a women's one that fitted me. FOUND ONE TODAY! I love Primani! £8!
 Lovely plain blue t-shirt (£3.50) and pop art skirt (£8). The skirt is actually pretty big, I would have got the 18 if I'd realised. Could easily stretch to a size 26 I reckon (I think it will be baggy on my size 24 ass after a few hours wear!)
I love hair accessories at the moment! this cute little headband was £2 I think. Love it!

I wore one of my new tops yesterday.
If your ever wondering why I take my own pictures in my bedroom with a timer, it's because my boyfriend is totally useless with a camera - they confuse him for some reason. This is what I wore to the BBQ yesterday, and this is his first pic (fingers in-front of the flash).

This is the one where he took so long to take the picture that I had started leaning against the wall for support....
... we got there in the end!

Cardi & top - Primark (old cardi, top still in stores)
Jeans (about to fall apart sadly) - Dorothy perkins (similar here)
Shoes - Tracey Neuls (new mesh version available here)
Moustache earrings - ASOS (sold out)


Thats it guys! Crazy that I find more clothes in Primark than in stores that are supposed to do my size, but with such cheap prices I'm not going to complain!

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