Sunday, 28 April 2013


 Hey Y'all! Another night out, another yummy outfit!
I wore my delicious Asos Curve bodycon dress, still available here (get your regular size!) and dressed it down a bit with a white cardi (from Primark - as always!) and my iridescent moulded crocs (similar here).
 My Giant candy clutch bag (Maison Martin Margiela for H&H - sold out but turns up on ebay!) got a ridiculous amount of attention last night. Brixton is a place where skin-tight catsuits in dollar bill prints, crazy hair and earrings the size of my face are quite standard attire, so I find it amusing that so many people were fascinated by my shiny silver bag! Anyway, my point is that if you want something to break the ice with when your out, get one of these, because it seems to mesmerise both men and women and they will ask you about it!

I really think that bright blue eye makeup makes brown eyes pop, so rather than going for a neon coral lip ink to match the coral in the dress, I went for smoky electric blue eyes instead.

 This is an old pot of collection 2000 eye shadow, but I know Barry M does one that's pretty much identical called 'electric blue'.
 Today involved a trip to Herne Hill market to munch on some yummy things so I went casual.
This is the t-shirt from the Lichtenstein exhibition (available here). This is the biggest size (large) and is quite wide, but sadly a bit short so I'm wearing a vest underneath to stop my belly escaping!
Moustache hoop earrings from Asos, cardi from primark, jeans from Dorothy Perkins and Daps from H&M.
 I bought the Bourjois intuitive liner to try out. To be honest I don't find it intuitive at all! I consider myself to be quite good with liquid liner, and I've tried many types, but this one is a pain in the bum! The idea is that you put little dots along your eyeline to make your lashes look longer, but the sensation of dotting along my eyelid makes me blink which is a disaster when it comes to liner, and I think it looks crap anyway! Having said that I think it's quite effective on the lower lash line, but it needs smudging otherwise it looks like a damn mess.

 Anyway, in all honesty I didn't want it for dotting, I wanted to see if I could make interesting flicks out of it. It's just about possible, but I will need to practice - particularly as one eye worked straight away, but the other took about 10 attempts!. Frankly it might be easier to just paint 3 separate lines on with my regular liner!
 The best part of the day was finding some Sicilian olives at the market - sorry, that's a lie, the best part was the slice of Chocolate and Guinness cake I got from 'cake love'.... oh my feckin' god it blew my mind, even my boyfriend went gooey over it! Anyway... I've been trying to buy these olives for ages but I've never found a stockist until today. They're the best olives I've ever had, so fresh and delicate compared the the usual suspects, drowning in oil and saltier than sea water! I'm also looking forward to trying this 'custard apple' after dinner!

Right, I'm off to make some dinner and dye my hair (you can probably see the white taking over again!) but I've got loads of clothes on order at the moment, some of which I'm SO excited to try on and review so I should be back soon with Dorothy Perkins jeans, Asos dresses / tops, Anna Scholz for Simply be & Domino Dollhouse. Greedy bitch!


  1. Loving the dress! On the eyeliner front, try the Barry M gel eyeliner. I am very clumsy when it comes to things like that but it's really easy to work with x

    1. To be honest I've tried almost every liner in the world, and for me nothing beats the original l'oreal super liner. I buy different brands occasionally, but they nearly always end up in the bin and I go back to old faithful!

  2. The triple eyeliner flick looks great! Chocolate and Guinness cake is amazing isn't it, there's a recipe in the Hummingbird bakery 'cake days' book which is really easy and very good, it does make a huge amount of cake though! The mixture can fill 2 2lb loaf tins!

    1. I found the Nigella recipe online and plan to try it. Danger!