Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Queen bitch

Another lovely day for an early morning view! 
I adore David Bowie, so I was excited about this exhibition - thank goodness for work or I'd never have got to see it! To be honest I found the interactive elements highly annoying because it often meant that I couldn't see the costumes properly, but overall it's a great exhibition if your a Bowie fan.
I always imagined Bowie to be extremely tall (I guess because he was so very thin) but nope, he is not the giant I'd imagined! 
I wore my per una dress & New look black mac
Tried to dress it down with some little black pumps
The shoes and sunnies are from Primark.
I love the costumes, but I think seeing the original album art work / photographs & contact sheets were my favorite part of the exhibition.
I enjoyed a drink (and muffin, of course!) in the V&A garden cafe with a colleague afterwards and enjoyed a bit of sunshine before heading back to work. 

It's been a lovely day so far!

BTW I wasn't impressed by the merchandise to be honest, I think they really missed a trick there, Bowie related clothes / accessories could have been amazing. They seem to be a bit better stocked online though, so visit the V&A online shop here if you want some Bowie goodies!


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