Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cough cough sneeze OOTD

I am bored of coughing. I have had an outrageous amount of colds this winter,  I blame this long cold spell (and my germ filled colleagues!). 
I FINALLY got to wear my Navajo coat from Very. I know it looks too warm for spring but it's really quite thin, so it's perfect for this odd weather.
Anyway, getting up and getting dressed when I feel this rough is stressful, so I turned to one of my old favorites, this primark swing top. Good thing too as my jeans are just out of the wash and were so tight this morning that I could only just do them up!
 I know I'm a broken record, but I do just adore crocs. These ones are so cute and comfy. I like them best with bright glittery socks as you can see! As always I was tempted to get a brightly coloured pair, but for once I was sensible and got black. They currently have purple ones which I really love!
These are perfect for me because they have a very well padded platform sole with a tiny bit extra on the heel. height without pain! I always this the t-bar / mary jane stylings make them look like heels from the front.
Cardi, socks & top - Primark
Jeans - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Crocs
Coat - Very So fabulous
I'm wearing one of my favorite nail varnishes today btw, it's by Catherine Arley and is holographic. It's hard to photograph!

I got it via ebay from Bulgaria & I think the same seller still sells it here. I also have gosh holographic hero, but this one is more glossy and sheer.

I'm obsessed with holographic stuff at the moment, but I'm also a bit fussy. I was going to buy some flats from forever 21 (they are amazingly strobey and intense) but they just don't fit my feet properly and I knew I'd get awful blisters on my wired flat ankles, so I resisted. Only £13.75 though if you want them, and available in 3 different colours (here). Be warned! Forever 21 sizing is fucking ridiculous and their UK size 8 is a EU40! Might explain why their plus sizes are all over the place. Size up ladies! I'm off to Primark later to see if they have stolen the idea!

I am tiding myself over with these cute £7.99 sneakers from H&M. They have gone from the website now, but I bought them instore (& had to size up 'cause they're so narrow!)

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