Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Holy Grail of Lipstick

In the process of searching for bright coral lipstick (to replace the Neon Red Star gazer one I have that hurts I find uncomfortable to wear!) I have bought loads of bright lippies. I thought I'd show you my new bits and bob!
 I bought a bunch of Maybelline colour sensation lipsticks to try, as I had read on beauty blogs that they have a good colour pigmentation. They're not wrong! Vibrant Mandarin is a great coral colour on me - finally a coral that doesn't look pale and odd, and actually, I really needed one that wasn't matte, because I look odd in light coloured matte lipsticks!
 Shocking coral is not coral on me at all, it's bright pink. a good pink though!
 This 'neon red' lipstick is not neon. It's red, but not neon by ANY stretch of the imagination! it's not even a bright red compared to many of my red lippies! A bit pants really.
Ahhh thats better. Vivid Rose is a lovely magenta colour. The pigmentation on this one is really strong. All of the Sensational vivid lipsticks are long lasting - like a sticky stain - but be careful not to smudge them... they don't just stain lips!
Oh and here it is! The best ever lipstick that I have been searching for for MONTHS! Barry M 158 (coral blush) is friggin' perfect!
 It's hard to photograph because the stargazer is really neon and so looks MEGA bright under the flash, where as the Barry M looks brighter in daylight, but hopefully you can see the shade / tone is similar?! Thank goodness for the Barry M lippy, because Stargazer lipsticks are fabulous colours, but the texture leaves a lot to be desired, and I couldn't wear one for a whole day!
 It matches the nail polish colour that I adore. FINALLY have a matching set to wear together!
Here it is in real life - a fabulous bright coral colour!

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