Saturday, 22 November 2014


Let me tell you a story. At the tender age of 13 (back in the days when my parents were still buying my clothes) a Faith shoes outlet store opened near my home town. All the cool girls had shoes from Shelly's or Faith. Clarks was for losers and that's where my mum made me buy my shoes! By the time I was in comprehensive school I could pursued my folks to buy me cool shoes because they were cheap and cheerful. On one of our trips to the outlet village I found some black leather boots with thick rubber soles and low, chunky curved silver heels. I don't think I've ever loved footwear the way I loved those boots, but they betrayed me. The bottom of the heel kept falling off. Nothing could get them to stay on.... not pins, not superglue, nothing. So they were exchanged.  Then it happened again. Exchanged.  Happened again.  My dad was quite rightly sick of my boots by that point and they were returned for a refund and I never saw them again. I never got over it, I've thought about those boots on and off ever since! All I wanted in life was a pair of comfy leather boots with metallic heels!

20 years later....

I was having a browse on the Taking Shape website recently, when i saw something that made my heart skip a beat..... some boots with metallic heels. Not in itself an unusual product but when I expand on what they actually are you might understand my excitement; they're black leather ankle boots that are wide on the foot, large around the ankle and the metallic heel was an entirely sensible height in a Cuban block shape. Proper plus size boots in other words!

I had to have them

They're not cheap at £99, but neither am I when it comes to something that excites me this much. I waited for a discount code and ordered them in a size 7, keeping my fingers crossed that their sizing was accurate.....

Oh wow these are lovely boots. Perfect sizing, soft and supple leather, totally comfortable heel height and extremely well padded on the inside. I think these are going to become my favorite boots in no time!

It's hard to photograph the heel. It's like a pewter colour and it's very shiny and reflective, but not so bright that they're too flashy. Love love love!

They have a good rubbery sole with decent grips. I'm glad of this because as much as I love my Asos black shoes boots, they're a bit dodgy in the rain! Hopefully these will keep me upright!

The boots themselves are really lovely and curvy. They have a sculptural feel about them and do up with a flap that wraps across the foot. It adheres with a posh version of velcro! the back of the boot has an elasticated section for extra comfort and to allow for a larger ankle. 

These are the perfect smart boots for girls like me with wide feet and big ankles. They would fit bigger ankles than mine easily even when completely done up, but the wrap front means you could just wear them looser if you have very big ankles. These are such quality boots, totally worth the price tag and I thoroughly recommend them. Using the website was easy, the delivery was quick and efficient and everything was very well packaged. I've bought from the Taking Shape Kingston store, and the company have very kindly sent me items to review in the past, but this was the first time I have ordered from them online. I'm so impressed with the service!

I'll have to keep a closer eye on the Taking Shape footwear section from now on!

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