Saturday, 29 November 2014

Returns mostly

I don't think I'd ordered from Asos in ages prior to this batch. Everything I like from the curve range seems to be mega expensive. I have to say that if I'm willing to spend over £100 on a dress then Asos is probably no the place I would look too. I've never had anything from them that feels like good enough quality to be so expensive! I therefore have a massive wish list of expensive things when all I really want from them is affordable fast fashion! Anyway, I decided to try some possible Christmas dress options while they had a discount code. Huuuummmmmm......

 I suspected that this would be too short for me, but I figured I'd try it out anyway! I actually wanted the chichi london midi dress for my Christmas party, but I couldn't fit my arms in it so I couldn't try it on properly and there are therefore no pictures of it. Very sad about that, ut I've orderd a version with no sleeves to see how that fits! Anyway, back to this one.....
 It's not a great shape on my boobs, but this size 24 is a decent size. Basically this would be great on a small busted shorter plus size woman. It's so girly and cute - totally perfect For Christmas, just not perfect for my body!

I've never tried paper dolls before so I ordered a size 24 in this dress. I needn't have, a 22 would have been a better fit. I'm actually really sad about this dress. I really like it in many ways, but the fabric (I don't know what it is really... like a cross between jersey and scuba?!) is just so unflattering! You can just see every lump and bump (clearly!) and it ruins the lines of the dress for me. IF this has been a less shiny fabric I would have sized down and kept it because I felt very fancy in it.
 It's quite long, but would look great with heels. It's quite generous on the bust which is good. The detailing on the bust and waist is firm, but still has a bit of give, the rest of the dress is super stretchy.
 I don't know.... maybe shapewear would make this a good dress for me, but as I don't have a strapless bra it's probably best that it doesn't suit me!

 So gutted about this one. Firstly the size 24 is WELL small. Very tight on my norks and bum, so it is quite uncomfortable. It's a tiny bit stretchy but not much, it's a good smart fabric, but the proportions are a bit off on me.
 The other thing I was a bit sad about is the fact that the flap is a very nude pink. It looks more pink in the pictures on line and I think it would be much nicer if it were like that in real life.
 I'm not too sure the step hem works when I've got tights on!
 You can actually see the zip straining!
 I think I might try this again in a size 26 one day, to see if the more comfortable fit makes it better, because it's so unusual that I kind of love it.

 Stupid Parsnip. When will you learn! These trousers were so massive on the model that I thought for a less oversized fit I should order a 22. Dick head! God knows what size the not-at-all plus size model is wearing but they must be about 4 sizes too big.
 SO I needed a size 24, but to be honest I was annoyed by the colour - these look totally different online. They're described as Khaki but they're a very pale sage green. A nice enough colour, but a bit pale for what I wanted.
 They're a shell fabric, so they are static and clingy and with no stretch I'm fairly sure they'd be ruined after a days wear - the seems couldn't cope with my thighs when sitting!
I decided not to get them in a bigger size because of the colour and fabric. Shame though as I like the cut!
 So I did get something that I liked and kept! I had to have these boots, obviously!
Shiny. Chunky, but not platform or flatform (which I find less chunky, more clunky!) but a nice thick sole with good grips.
I had to get a size 8 as these are Asos own brand. They're a nice fit for my wide little feet!


  1. I actually thought the first dress looked really good on you!

  2. How disappointing for you. I like the origami dress, I think I would try the 26 too if I were you. I don't like dip hems at all, so I wouldn't have thought I would like the step hem either but actually its quirky and kind of cool. The boots are fab :) V xxx