Tuesday, 2 December 2014


The ladies at Taking Shape are so sweet.... I told them I was looking for a coat with a hood that would fit my rather large bottom, and they sent me the duffle coat I liked to review! I'm such a lucky girl!
Oh my god I love it! I'm not saying that because it was given to me to review, I'm saying it because I totally love it!
I really liked this on the site, but it looks much shorter on the model (who I'm sure is WAY taller than me). It's so much better in real life because of it's totally excellent length.
Hoods should never be undervalued in the UK. I just don't understand why so few winter coats have hoods. I wore this coat to work today and had the hood up pretty much the whole time because of the constant drizzle! I'm also impressed with the pockets which are deep. This is excellent for me - room for my massive phone and I don't have to worry about my oyster card falling out when I'm sitting on the tube!
So then, on to the specifics! This is a size 24. I tend to wear a size 22 in taking shape dresses, but I pretty much always have to wear a size 24 in coats. This is almost entirely because of my bottom and belly. I like to have room for big jumpers too, so I like a bit of space. This size 24 is a good fit....
One of the things I love most about this that the sleeves are generous. I often find coats too tight on my upper arms, so it's always a joy to find coats that don't cut of my circulation at the armpit! The sleeves are also long (good for when I forget my gloves) which is great for me, but may make them too long for shorter ladies. You could fold them up easily enough though.
I have to say that I do like a long coat. This is ideal as a) it's warmer and b) it covers my bum if my skirt rides up or I'm walking up stairs!
 To quote Harry Hill, You like the lining don't you sir, hmm? hmm? you like the lining? hmm?!
I'm hearing the theme tune to Jonathan Creek......

This coat is warm, comfy and it kept me dry today. It's a winner! Get it here, I think I'll be wearing mine to death this winter!


  1. I am a sucker for a good duffle coat and that one looks amazing. It really suits you xx

  2. That looks fabulous! I have that Primark pudding tee too. :) xx