Thursday, 4 December 2014

Dressing for Christmas - The black edition

Christmas is in full swing for me now. Thinking about outfits and menus mainly, but right now I'm in a Christmas dress space. Last year I was all about velvet. This year I seem to be all about black, with embroidery or sequins! Having said that I want special dresses for many occasions - works Christmas party, faux Christmas with my boyfriend, Christmas eve and Christmas day. Oh and boxing day..... then there's new years of course! OBVIOUSLY I have some frocks I can wear for the not-such-a-big-deal days, but I'd like a couple of new things for the big events, particularly the works do!

 Oh sweet lord! This is a perfect dress. I love love love it. Wish it wasn't £120!

This Lovedrobe dress was on my list last year in it's previous incarnation. I still think it's awesome!

If your less in to massive shoulders and general 80's stylings than me, then this Koko dress is a more low-key version of the Lovedrobe one, but is still lovely!

I would so rock up to the works Christmas party in this super OTT dress! What a stunner!

In terms of a dress that's classic, classy and would look amazing on pretty much anyone, I think this one takes the prize. I'd add some coloured shoes - red / green / gold / glittery... something super festive!

I think it's always good to have a simple option...  not everyone likes to get as massively over dressed as I do after all! I think this has super cute little details, like the cross over cap cleaves and small embellishment. Subtle, but still a great LBD!

From simple to totally over the top! This is really quite a corking dress. Very expensive, but extremely beautiful.

I'm looking at this as the more affordable version of the dress above! I do know that this dress is depicting flowers and foliage, but this colour combo makes me think of snowflakes and ice crystals. Love it!

You know how I like to dress in clothes that make me look like I'm in fancy dress / period costume? ModCloth like that too! This dress is awesome!

 Another lovely maxi. I'm loving the shoulders on this, and I think the gathered waist would make it super flattering.

I would SO wear this dress on a red carpet! I think at £399, becoming a famous actress would be the only way I could afford it too!

Velvet, sequins, asymmetric, structured shoulders AND patterned. Carmakoma really knocked it out of the park with this dress!

This M&S plus dress is so cute. It's too short, drop-waisted and boxy, yet somehow it works and I really love it!

Getting animal print on a festive prom dress is no mean feat, so nice work Joe browns!

 I've always fancied these Igigi dresses, in both this length and the maxi version. They are so super feminine!

Last but definitely not least, we have some serious Art Deco action. I've seen this dress in so many variations (none of which go above a size 16) and now we finally have it up to a size 26.... well, it's lovedrobe so 24 might be more accurate!. Christmassy and fancy dress-like all at once. LUSH!

This Lipstick Boutique dress is just delicious. This is on my list of dresses to try if my planed party outfits don't work out! I often don't get on with sequins but I find myself them over and over again!

 Oh. My. God. I am actually dying over this Igigi dress! It is beyond special! I would feel like a Hollywood goddess in this! I would also not be able to pay my rent, but I think it would actually be worth it.....


  1. some great picks.x

  2. Ooh I love many of these, but I think my favourite is the leopard print Joe Browns one!

  3. I love it . In fact just won one on eBay for 7.50 bargain . Hope it fits when it gets here as will be destroyed