Thursday, 18 December 2014

I like it #1

I've been inspired by Becky's 'Photo Favourite Thursday' posts, so I've decided to do something similar! Just general things that I really like at the moment. Time for the first instalment of 'I like it'!
First up I rather like this picture of my Nephew sitting on my Mums head. 

 There always has to be music, and I could bore the shit out of you with every song I'm currently listening to on repeat, but I'll try to keep it to just a few! Now then, this is an old favourite newly discovered. Tom Wait's 'Dirt in the Ground' is a fantastic song in it's original form (on Bone Machine), but the live version with a new arrangement has him swapping out his high-pitched howling for a deep growl and it's just spine-chilling and beautiful.
I can't cope with small clutch bags (my wallet is basically a brick) but I so love New Looks little Christmas clutches!
I've already watched Elf twice. Best Christmas movie ever. If you haven't' seen it (like my lovely friend Sam) then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Watch it immediately.
I very much like Marisota's customer service this month - they went above and beyond to try and fix the almighty mess that Hermes created with my order!

I love SNL, Particularly Kenan Thomson (Ever since Kenan and Kel!) and this skit cracked me up so much I felt the need to share it!

 Serial is hands down the most gripping podcast that has ever been made. I like a good mystery (which is probably why I loved True Detective and the Returned) but I've never been as obsessed with anything as I have become with Serial - I've been reading all the transcripts and call records like some kind of crazed Sherlock wannabe! I guess the fact that it's real is what makes it so gripping. The series has just come to an end (BOO!) so you can go and binge-listen. My boyfriend thinks Adnan is guilty. I think he is innocent. It's a total mind-fuck. Genius podcasting! 
I completely adore Elysium Black Muscat. A perfect desert wine with amazing berry flavours. I've love this for years but just discovered that I can buy it in Selfridges. So so good! 

I still love a bit of sing-songy boombastic bass heavy dance music, I'm old enough to remember when the Prodigy were the hot-new-sound after all! As much as I loved Alison Wonderland's single 'Cold' (which has a genius video by the way) I'm even more in love with this one. It does make me want to fist-punch and bounce around on the bed like she does in the video!
Majoramarina is my favourite person on Instagram. I love her outfits and her vintage stylings!

Jesus Christ, so this is how the other half live?! A colleague of mine was given some Harrods milk chocolate covered cocoa dusted almonds, which she offered around, and seriously, they're one of the most delicious things I've ever put in my mouth! I just can't explain why these are so very very good, but they are basically crack in chocolate-form!

Say what you will about Drake but he sure as hell wrote a smash when he wrote 'just hold on we're going home'. A good pop song is a good pop song! I love the orginal, but I'm obsessed with this version by ASTR!
I so love my friends Brooch! Squished face fox is made by her friend and you can buy them on etsy here.
There is much to love about 'A Curious Fancy', but I was particularly taken with this photograph. Totally joyous!

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  1. Love this, will deffo check out Alison Wonderland as I too am old enough to remember when the Podigy were the hot new sound and the new look clutches I really want one but I still want the burger one from summer. PS I am seriously loving your blog design x