Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Post-Christmas Asos Haul

There's no point in pretending that I can resist a sale, so I ordered a couple of mega-batches of Asos Curve stuff to try. I'm still not back to normal yet and I look and feel mega rough, but I took as many snaps as I could muster so you could see the clothes on!


 I've wanted to try this dress for ages, but I didn't like it in real life. Funnily enough it looks okay in this snap, but in real life there is just too much fabric for my liking - the drape layer is a thick fabric and there's two layers of it as it folds over itself making it very bulky. I know it would annoy me and my front would be hot but my back would be cold! Oh yes, and it's much redder online than in real life. Size 24 was a bit tight on the bust, but otherwise a decent fit.
 This dress is cute - Size 24 and quite generous on the top, just above the knee, nice pattern, but I'm just not sold on scuba!
 Again, not feeling the scuba (which everything seems to be made out of at the moment? Must be cheap?!) but I love the print on this dress. Sadly I don't like the shape and it's quite a generous 24, particularly on the belly and hips, which is unusual for asos!
Frigging love this dress! Unfortunately this size 24 is SO TIGHT on my boobs - the buttons (which are sewn in - they can't be unbuttoned!) were seriously straining to keep me in! I think I'll happily get this in a 26 if I can because I'd wear this loads in summer, it's so quaint!
 This dress is a ridiculous shape - the bust is seriously odd.... sort of wide but totally flat. No no no. such a shame because the coral coloured lace is a bit like crochet and it's lovely! XL by the way, which feels like a 24-26 to me.
 This size 24 dress is PAINFUL to wear - not designed for anyone with big boobs or a long body. I know a couple of people who would look great in this dress, but it doesn't work for me at all! If you have a big lower body and smaller upper body then this might be your dream dress - the print is lovely and the fabric is double layered and has a stretch cotton feel, but is textured in pleats that are sort of waffle-like!
I wanted some plazzo pants that I could sit on the beach in, and I thought these size 24 New look ones were perfect.....
 Sadly they're so static that I have to return them. Shame, they were ideal! Quite fitted on the top but loose in the leg and a good length, just shit fabric!

 This is a good summer holiday dress. I like the tartan & floral mix and how lightweight the dress is - It'll take up no room at all in my suitcase! I like the asymmetrical layer over the front, it's unusual! Size 24 is a good fit that doesn't squish my boobs!
 So Normally I detest cold shoulders, but I like this dress as a holiday dress - a beach dress. Again, super light weight and flowing. This is the size 24, and although I could have worn at least two sizes smaller on the body without it loosing it's bagginess, the bottom of the sleeves are firm and buttoned and would have been too small for me, so I think if you have big arms like me, go for your normal size to be safe!
I've been looking at over the top dresses to wear for my birthday, so I was WELL CHUFFED with this sexy dress! Only £20, great length, hugs my body but doesn't slip into all my nooks and crannies (ie - between my upper and lower belly!). Size 24 is great - I could have gone a size down on the body, but the split would have been a bit tight if I had! This is stretchy, soft and totally delicious. Buy it immediately and you will feel like a total sex-bomb!
I kept these cute flats. I got a size 8, which fit great for my size 7 wide feet - I have to wear gel strips on the ankles, but that is pretty much the case with all of my shoes!
 I'm wearing these joggers right now! New Look inspire for £8.50. Size 24, perfect shape for me....
 .... generous on the waist and bum areas! Good length and a nice thin (but not see-through) fabric. The waistband is elasticated but the actual trousers are not stretchy. They do loosen up during wear though, so they're not totally rigid!
 I couldn't resist this jumpsuit - perfect for bumming around in! I love the crochet detail on the front!
Size 24, super stretchy (you pull the whole thing over your bum to get in and out of it!) and it's just what I wanted. Can't argue for only £11. There's no way in hell I'd have paid £38 for it, but £11 is just fine!

Mulling it over......
 I had to try these midi dresses - so good for work. This one is nice and stretchy with a waffle finish. I'm wearing the size 24 and the only thing I'd say is that I wish the waist was a bit lower, but I do have a long torso so I often have this issue!
 I love this colour, and it's so comfortable that I just have to keep it. I might add a belt, but I'm more excited about adding a big old statement necklace. I need to try this on when I don't feel so shite, then I'll decide if it's worth £45!
 This is pretty much the same dress, just way less comfy because it's a stiff fabric! It's got a lovely sheen and the print is delicious!
 I do love this so I might have to keep it... it's tight on the arms, but I think it might loosen up a bit with wear as it's stretch cotton. Is it worth £60 though? Mulling!

I kept one more thing, above is a sneak-peak, but I'll do a proper outfit post for this one as it is definitely a keeper - I'm wearing it tomorrow night for our friends new years eve bash!


  1. I love your ASOS posts as you nearly always order dresses that I have been looking at and now I really want the cold shoulder dress as it looks awesome on you! xxx

  2. I'm excited to wear that one on the beach next month!