Thursday, 1 January 2015

Pie'n'mash NYE

 Oh my god guys, this dress! This dress is like my goddam dream come true!
 I saw so many good 'holographic' or shiny glittery dresses last year in the Asos Main range, and I was DYING for one in plus size. I had to have this when I saw it!
 If there's is anything I've learnt from being an regular asos curve customer, it's that this style of dress is nearly always super tight on my arms and extremely un-generous in the boob department, so I ordered the size 24 and the size 26. I was not at all surprised to find my breasts being pushed backwards into my ribcage by the size 24 (which was also - as expected - a bit too tight on my arms!) so I kept the 26. Cut-wise it really reminds me of some of my vintage dresses - very structured, high neck, mid sleeves and with stiff shaping for the bust.
 I think the waist is a sensible size so If you're not wide-backed or busty then you shouldn't have to size up. There's a zip at the back, but I just pull everything over my head! The fabric is not at all stretchy, it's quite thick and has a non stretch lining. It's pretty comfy though so I'm well chuffed with it!
I have had to accept that I don't like wearing beaded or sequinned dresses, but I can get down with this delicious glitter thread! It's quite rough, but not particularly itchy (which I thought it might be). The pattern is like amazing rose gold and pink roses with a pale mint green and black leopard print over the top. It's so freaking beautiful that I can't stop looking at it (it's hung outside my wardrobe so I can see it at all times!).
This is a snap without the flash so you can see the more natural sparkle!
 In for a penny, in for a pound right?! I wore my massive vintage faux fur for even more animal print, and the bag my sis got me for Christmas.... just to really ram the holographic theme home!
 It really wasn't cold enough to warrant this massive coat, but I wore it anyway 'cause I'm a fucking maverick!
 Blending into the background as per! Next time I wear this dress I'm so gonna wear my little rose gold shoes with it! Can't wait, excited to rock this again!
 I haven't worn eyemakeup since my works Christmas do so I decided to use actual eyeshadow (which I do maybe 5 times a year, because I'm embracing the more natural look in my old age!), mainly because I have a old Lancom eyeshadow that exactly matches the dress... it's two-toned mint green and pink. I did mint green nails too. My first instinct with this dress was to go for rose gold eyes and full-on glittery lipstick, but my fella won't kiss me if I have loads of lipstick on (gotta have a snog on new years huh?!), so I made my eyes the focus then just used (my saviour) NYC appelicious tinted balm, here in 'appelicious pink'
 We had a lovely meal with friends....
 And sparklers at midnight!
Dress 26 - Asos Curve
Leggings 20 - South / Very
Boots - Simply Be
Coat - Vintage
Bag - LYDC London

Happy New Year my loves, here's to a fabulous 2015!


  1. Love everything about this outfit, the shiny dress all twinkly and pretty, the coat just fab I have a leopard print one from Tesco so soft I live and die in it and the bag swoon! Glad you had a great NYE x

  2. That dress was made for you it looks amazing! xxx

  3. Love that dress! You look ace in it. I've just bought it on eBay so fingers crossed the sizing is ok. Happy New yr by the way x

  4. I've seen the tesco faux furs and I love them! I didn't allow myself to buy the true range one because I now have 3 and my wardrobe will collapse if I add any more!

  5. Thanks hon, I am so in love with it!

  6. I hope you like it, it's a bit of an odd shape but I adore mine!