Saturday, 3 January 2015

Flirty 30's

 Ann Harvey dress number two! Again - a much shorter version than what you'll see on the website, but this time round the item is described as a 'tunic top' so I should have suspected that it wouldn't actually be knee-length!
Sorry about the not-so-auto-focused self timer pics! So the tunic. I love this print, and the length gave me a good excuse to wear my old knee-high socks (bought years ago from Ann Summers FYI - because I know I'll be asked about them!). I may be nearly 33 years old, but that won't stop me dressing like an extra from Clueless!
 The fabric is slinky and stretchy and very comfy. This is a size 22 and it's a perfect fit.
 The best thing about this tunic is the little pleat at the small of the back that gives more room for a big booty - and therefore a lovely shape! I wore this to the cinema tonight and was nice and comfy.
I think I'll get lots of wear out of this - I'm certain to wear it with trousers, but as I said, I like the print so I think this will be one to tuck into skirts too! As with the dress I posted yesterday, this tunic is in the sale and it's only £10.50! This is a great dress for anyone who likes mini's or is shorter than me, and a great top for tall gals (or anyone who likes to cover their bum but still wear something shapely!). Get it here

Thanks very much to Ann Harvey for sending me these pieces to review!

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