Thursday, 8 January 2015

ACTUAL high street shopping!

I like shopping online because I can do it at any time of night or day, but as a fat woman it is VERY exciting to actually be able to go shopping in real-life shops like size -18 gals. Up until recently I could only visit either Evans - which is pretty much always a depressing experience and was no less so today as all the Cut for Evans stuff was a weird fit on me and I hated the fabrics and their bras seem to use a completely different measurement system to anywhere else in the world - or New look, which results in crashing disappointment more and more these days.......
..... this is whole Inspire section in the newly refurbished (and really rather massive) New Look on Oxford Street. The coat looked nice, but otherwise I was not excited by much of it. I tried some jeans, and a few dresses from the sale and I found the whole experience so depressing that I couldn't even be bothered to take pictures. The fabrics were crap, the sizing was all over the place and everything was too short. I bought some shoes which are lovely for £9 each, the leather pair were the last pair in store and aren't online sadly, but the other pair are wide fit and ace - I could get them in my normal size 7 with space for big socks, woohoo!

So anyway, knowing from other bloggers that Simply Be have much better reductions in their in-store sale than they do online, I nipped across the road and tried some stuff on. Can I just say at this point that I wear a size 22 or 24 from Simply Be generally so I don't always pay much attention to the larger sizes, but one of my favorite bloggers Leah has sworn off Simply Be because they have started to cap their trendy ranges at a size 26. I'm not at all down with plus size companies doing this, and it is not okay to suddenly decide that size 28+ women don't want to wear fashion-forward clothes. I was really annoyed when the lady in the Oxford Street Simply Be branch told me that they only stock 2 pairs of boots with their widest calf size, and neither of them were real leather, and NONE of them were on display so I had to specially request them. What the actual fuck? I can go to Evans for faux leather boots that don't comfortably fit my legs, what I want from a company that specialises in sizes that you can't normally get on the high street IS THE SIZES YOU CAN'T NORMALLY GET ON THE HIGH STREET! Anyway, to sum up my rant, I've been blown away by the strides Simply Be have made in the last few years, but I want them to realise (quickly) that they have got to remember who their loyal customers are and show some love to the size 26+ ladies! Okay rant over, I'm just saying, it's women who wear 26 and bigger that are the most in need of stylish fashion, because they are the ones with the least choice!

Now then.... changing room pics.

 I totally expected to buy this dress, but then I tried it and I was like.... meh! I like the super stretchy fabric, I love the pattern, I love the colours, but it's too short. The crop top overlay only just covers my boobs and it's a couple of inches above my ankles.
 This is a size 24, which is okay, quite fitted but very comfy. If this had been longer with proportions similar to the version on the model online (who is certainly much taller than me) then I'd have bought it for sure!
 Oh I really liked this Kelly Brook Dress. Sadly it just wasn't quite the right fit on me. This is the size 24 and It just wasn't fitted enough on my waist so it didn't sit right. I totally would have sized down if it weren't for the fact that my (massive) upper arms were tightly squeezed into the sleeves, so I knew the 22 would be too tight on the arms, and therefore also across my bust and back. If you have smaller arms then go for your normal size or size down for a good fitted look!
 The fabric has stretch but is firm and thick. This will look delicious on busty ladies (as it does on Kelly herself!)
 Another Kelly Brook piece, also size 24. as you can see I'm a bit exposed! My boyfriend like me in this when he saw the photos (!) but in all seriousness I couldn't wear it out could I?! I Would consider sewing it up, but the trimming is PU so I'm not sure how well that would work?! Maybe getting a 26 (which would be looser) would allow me to pin up the bust?!
 I did love this though - It's just about long enough in the body for me (which is unusual!) and it's also the perfect length for my legs, covering my ankles. The fabric has stretch, and although the fabric is textured on the outside, it's super smooth on the inside. The more I look at it the more I want it! Maybe I'll go back soon and try the 26 to see if it works (and i would wear it to work!).
 I KNEW I could never actually wear this jumpsuit (because my thighs touch down to the knees and would destroy all the sequins and beads between the thighs if I walked in it!) but i had to try it anyway! This is a size 26 but feels more like a 24.
 It's non-stretch thick chiffon-like fabric on the outside and is fully lined. The beading was already falling off but it was only about £25 down from £70 so I wouldn't care too much about that!
The thing I found most hilarious is that the pattern gives my vagina a smiley face, which I found endlessly amusing! It's kind of genius, but I can't pull it off!

In the end I bought the Kelly Brook midi dress which I tried on my first visit to the store (here). I wouldn't have paid £75 for it, but I was totally happy to pay £30! I'm sure you'll see me in it soon - I might wear it on my birthday as it gives me room for all the dim sum I plan to eat on said day!


  1. you could always wear a camisole under the really deep cut one f you didn't want to/could not pin it ?

  2. Thanks for the mention bebbycakes! I love the smiley face jumpsuit on you but what's with sequins on the inside? Or is gliding instead of walking the new thing for 2015?! ;) xx