Sunday, 18 January 2015

Very new

I ordered a massive batch of stuff from Very this week, and I kept a few bits that I thought you might like to see!

First up, some holiday stuff - The beach kaftan & jumpsuit were both tiny, most of the swimsuits I tried were too short in the body for me but fine in terms of width, but I kept 2, both of which I really like......
 I got this in a size 22 and it's spot on. It's got generous space in the boob department. The block colour doesn't give me anything to hide behind in terms of my lumpy bits, but I think I look super cute in this so I don't care about such things - this also comes in a ditsy-print (which I tried in a 20, but was going a bit see-through across my bum as it was a bit too small for me!) if you want more disguise!
I've never really had a proper, full on sexy swimming costume before, but this one (which I have in a 44DD cup) is proper padded and looks more like a lounging-by-the-pool cossie than a 'lets do laps' swimsuit!
 This dress has quite bad reviews, but I assume that's because lots of people don't know what scuba is, or that it's clingy, tight and firm. I got this in a size 24 and it's exactly the size I was expecting - which is often NOT the case with dresses I've tried from very, which are occasionally massive, but more often tiny! This is not a midi, it sort of has a dipped hem and the black piping is only on the hem, not on the neck of sleeves as the picture shows, but it's a cool and unusual dress with lots of stretch that only cost £11. I liked it even though I didn't think I would!
I like this because its really comfy, the pattern is cool and the cut is unusual. £32 isn't bad for this dress, but if you like floral prints then you can get the floral version on sale here for only £14! For me though, this print is what drew me to the dress in the first place, so I'm cool to pay more for it. I got a size 24. The 22 would have been fine, but I like how comfortable I feel in this, and I don't think it needs to be bodycon to look cool!

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