Thursday, 29 January 2015

I bought stuff and you might like it

I've tried loads of stuff recently, but I've had no time to take pictures of the stuff I didn't keep (most of it - mainly from Asos & Crazy Clearance!) but I've grouped together the stuff I kept and have finally got round to taking some pics!
 The less said about my F21 order the better. Happily the only piece I liked was only £5.99! It's nice and the 3XL just fits me.
 I love these trousers - mega comfy. Size 24 soft fabric with stretch. They seem to have sold out of the 22 & 24 online, but I reckon they will have some returns because in real life they're quite an acid yellow and the stock photos are a tad misleading - obviously it doesn't faze me 'cause I love in-your-face colours!
I like these a lot.... can you tell?! If they sold these in black I would by 10 pairs!
 The other thing I got from George are these wondrous plazzo pants. George seems to sell out of it's bigger sizes within days, but again, look out for returns as I'm sure these will be too long / too wide for some peoples liking!
 I was so excited by these, because the legs are pleated at the top, then open up below the hip to make the legs MEGA wide. I'm so in love! I think I will unpick them a bit so they open up a bit higher to stop me looking so square in them, but otherwise they're so good for my upcoming holiday, and then summer (hoping we get a warm one!)
The fabric is soft with no stretch. These size 24 are ace for me. I have always loved plazzo pants - even when nobody else did. I love how bohemian they are (and how comfy!). Would totally wear these with a blazer too and they'd be AWESOME!
 More holiday trousers. This boohoo pair were exactly what I was looking for - proper loose non-jersey joggers!
 This is the size 24 and they're joyously loose and thin and perfect for beach fun! I tried another similar pair from boohoo in the same size and they were tiny! These are great though, good length too.
 They're very static, but I don't care because the cut allows them to stick to my legs without looking too odd (I'm sure they'll cling less once I've shaved my yetti legs ready for swimming!
 I hate shrugs with a burning passion, but capes I'm down with! I had my eye on this at Christmas but didn't want to cough up £18 for it. When I saw it for £8 I was like YEP! Into the basket.
 This size 24 is big and shiny and super stretch and all silky on the inside. I'll certainly chuck this on with a dress when the weather warms up a bit!
I looked silver online, but it's actually gold / bronze, which is way way better in my opinion!
 While I was browsing Boohoo I noticed this wrap and I couldn't resist it for only £10!
 Me being me I went for the gaudiest colour available (partly because I have a more subtle blue toned wrap already!) but they have some more subtle versions online!
Me, by the pool, when the evening gets a bit chilly, in a jumpsuit and this wrap to keep me warm? Yes please!
And last but not least, I got this wicked Cossack hat from boohoo too. I've wanted a cossack for EVER, but alas they always seem to be black, and with my hair that would look totally shit. Needless to say that when I found this red version in the sale for £6 I snapped it right up and kept my fingers crossed that it would fit my ladies size L head! Yey it did! It's snug but not uncomfortable. On the site this looks really red, but in reality it's more purple - sort of burgundy / ox blood colour. Still excellent!


  1. Hi Parsnip! I am a regular follower of your blog and I expect each post with anticipation! I hope you are happy to hear that I am not plus-size: your blog can keep anyone interested! I am writing to ask you a question though... I think I read your blog and a couple of others as a way to shop by proxy. In 2014 I got rid of a LOT of my stuff and I am now valuing the 'less is more' approach so I hardly shop, which feels great, especially for things which belong to the 'pretend life' rather than the real life... so this comment struck: "Me, by the pool, when the evening gets a bit chilly, in a jumpsuit and this wrap to keep me warm? Yes please!". I love that cape but I wonder how you deal with items which you wear only once or so a year: how often do your purge your closet? How? What's the approach in the keep vs. take? I am interested because you seem to be able to buy quite a bit and assuming you don't own a black hole wardrobe, I wonder how you deal with lack of space...

  2. I should just make it clear that I made that comment referring to the holiday I'm going on in a few weeks time - I don't intend to only wear that cape once! I have 3 wardrobes and lots of drawers to hold all of my clothes, and basically I have two sets of clothes - spring / summer & autumn / winter. In summer my big coats and thick dresses go in my suitcases then I swap things over when it gets cold and all my thin and flimsy stuff goes in the suitcases. I give loads of clothes to charity shops each year, and sell tons of stuff on ebay too. If I haven't worn something in 2 years it goes. Anything thing that doesn't fit my properly or I think is too short goes. I wear things like jeans until they fall apart so they go in the bin, but generally I just go off things or run out of space so have to get rid of things I don't like as much as others. I've actually found it easier to know what to get rid of by taking my daily ootd pics for the blog - if I don't like how I look I sell or give away what I'm wearing. I wear pretty much everything I own so it's all real life to me - I have a couple of pairs of shoes that I pretty much never wear and love too much to sell, but apart from that everything gets out of the wardrobe eventually. The thing about growing up fat is that I never had choice when it came to how I dressed, and now there is so much choice and I have disposable income to spend on loads of choices, so I do! I suspect that when we get serious about saving for a house I will cut back quite a lot, but I will never be a capsule wardrobe type because I have too many personalities for just one set of clothes! xx