Saturday, 3 January 2015

Cass meets Ann Harvey

I've never tried Ann Harvey before, so when I was offered the chance to review some clothes I jumped at the chance! Ann Harvey is now being sold through Bonmarche, so it's an easy online experience. I was kindly sent two items to review, so here is the first!
I have to mention the length because it will be the most obvious difference when you look at the pictures on the website - It's really quite short. I'm not sure if the Ann Harvey model on the site is quite short (I'm a bit taller than average, but I wouldn't be described as tall!) because both items I've been sent are considerably shorter in real life than in the pictures online! This dress is basically a mini on me, but I'm cool with that! It looks more like a mini in the picture of it off the model, so maybe pay attention to those shots when ordering - tip of the day!
 I don't often wear such short dresses, but this one REALLY spoke to my inner teenager - I would have KILLED for this outfit when I was younger.... a floral, fitted mini dress and knee-high boots?! It's like I'm finally allowed to dress like Blossom (If you're old like me you will know exactly what I'm talking about!).
 It's obvious to me that the Ann Harvey designers want to make flattering clothes - this dress is a soft and slinky stretch fabric that had the potential to cling to every lump and bump on my body, but the dress is lined with a stretch fabric that skims all my lumps, so everything looks smooth and lovely!
 I'm wearing the size 22 and it's great, I really like the fit and it's very comfy.
 You just pull this dress over your head so it's so easy to wear - I felt very cute in this outfit......
 ..... and it rather suits a golden booth don't you think?!
 I wore this outfit out on a casual date in which we went to Wahaca and drank Bloody Maria's and hibiscus cordial with lime......
And ate lots of the most delicious grub (plantain tacos TO DIE FOR!)
Happy Parsnip! The dress stretched with me and was just as comfortable when I was full of Mexican food as it was when we left the house, so that's a BIG thumbs up from me!
I'm loving this cute dress (an so is my boyfriend because it is both tight and short - two of his favourite things when it comes to my clothing!) and joy of joy, it's currently on sale... down from £40 to £12! What a ridiculous bargain! Get it here, and come back tomorrow for Ann Harvey outfit number two!