Friday, 14 November 2014

House of Fraser does plus

There are many things in life that I do not know, but when it comes to plus size clothing I pride myself of knowing where I can buy my size. It turns out that I don't even know that much about where to shop, because it was news to me that House of Fraser sells plus sizes! When I had an email asking if I would like to review something I was amazed at what I found on the website. Here are a few of the brands on the site.....

Anna Scholz 
AX Paris Curve 
Charnos Chesca 
Dickins & Jones 
Grace UK
Juna Rose
Label Lab
Lauren Woman
Lipstick Boutique
Little Mistress 
Live Unlimited
Marina Rinaldi 
Scarlett & Jo 
Sportmax Code 
Taking Shape 

That's not a bad collection huh? I'm excited to find somewhere that sells Marina Rinaldi, but let's be honest, I'm more of a bargain hunter myself so it's the lower end of the price scale that I'm interested in! I chose a dress (surprise surprise!) by Junarose to review because I'd been eyeing it up on another site but it sold out in all the bigger sizes, so I was very excited to see it on House of Fraser!
It has to be said that I don't wear all black very often any more. I guess I felt like it had become the fat girl uniform so I shy away from it in favour of bright colours (I have my eye on a very bright dress from the HOF site as we speak!) but I know that a black dress is a handy thing to have in my wardrobe, and I do so love an unusual print!
I also love metallics! I fell in love with this silver paint splatter print!
It's such an unusual detail, and turns a straightforward black frock into something special.....
.... the print is asymmetric too, which is even cooler!
In terms of sizing, I requested the 22/24 (XL) and it's pretty generous. Online the dress is described as 'bodycon' but judging by the fabric - a flowing and heavy thick jersey with a bit of stretch - I think it's supposed to be loose. It meant that it was great for work!
 It falls really nicely and isn't too clingy. As i was on my feet lots when I wore it I paired it with some silver brogues for comfort, but I think it would be a great dress to wear out on the town too.... with silver heels, an up do and some smokey eyes!
 I have to say I'm pretty chuffed that I can add House of Fraser to my list of plus size shops, but more than anything I'm excited because THEY HAVE PLUS SIZES IN STORE! That means I can go to the high street and try things on in real life! I hope their in-store collection is as good as their online offerings, and if it's currently not, then maybe buying online from them would make them want to give plus size clothing some good floor space.... something us fat girls are in desperate need of!
I'm giving a big thumbs up to both House of Fraser and Junarose. They've made it into my shopping bookmarks! Check out their plus collection here, and specifically this dress here... it's on sale for £24 - bargain!

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  1. I ruled House of Fraser out years ago, so I'm very pleased to read this!