Saturday, 1 November 2014


I went for a browse on the Boohoo site recently and found that loads of the items I had my eye on were now on sale, so I made a sneaky order. My feelings on Boohoo plus is that their sizing is very random. They haven't quite nailed the proportions yet, but hopefully they will once they've been around for longer. All of these are size 24 (apparently!)
This dress is an odd shape on me because I have to pull the waist band down really far to get it over my boobs. Not great for busty girls, but would be much better on a shorter woman or small busted ladies. Bit of a small 24. Good midi length though.
Oh dear.... very small in size, too short in both body and leg, and the belt would fit a size 16! Bit of stretch to it, but the proportions are all wrong for me! Not my kind of jumpsuit!
Totally acceptable casual dress which is quite generous up-top, but the thin jersey is too clingy for my liking, in such a plain dress. Would be better in the black version I think!
I'm keeping these joggers because they're warm and I think they'll stretch out on the bum after a bit of wear. They're quite generous on the waist, but low slung and oddly short in the leg.
As you can see, I'm one inch away for builders bum in these, but they're improving after a few minutes sitting down (they have a bit of stretch!)
Yeah.... Loving this jumpsuit. This is really generous but I think it's supposed to be pretty loose so it's all good. Nice soft thin jersey and is a good length in body and actually quite long in the leg.
The zip is easy enough to do up / undo on my own thanks to the super stretch fabric, and I think I'm going to be living in this round the house! This item is my recommendation of the day - I'd get the blue version if I didn't have just a teeny-weeny bit of self control!


  1. what is the deal with the belts in plus clothing. I cant count the number of times I have bought an ite with belt when the belt wouldn't even com close to fitting

  2. It's totally ridiculous isn't it?! I'd rather not have the belt loops if they can't even provide a belt to fit the item!