Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tasty Samples!

With the exception of Christmas festivities, the Anna Scholz Sample sale is fast becoming one of my favourite days of the year. Not just because I can get some amazing dresses at fantastic prices, but because it's so nice to chat with all the other women there! I took my bestie this year for the first time (she often admires my Scholz dresses, so it was time!) and she outspent me by a mile! She could have gone totally bananas actually - if you're a size 18 then you should get down there tomorrow for the 2nd day of the sale, because there are about 8 racks of size 18's and there are some items I would have loved to fit in to!

Anyway, here are my totally sensible purchases!
 This is a bit of a summery frock, but sometimes I need to go bright in winter, otherwise it's just a bit boring don't you think?!
 This dress is one that I've seen on many people, and every one of them looks fabulous in it. It is universally flattering (The lovely Curvy Wordy also bought it today and looks amazing in it - we have totally different body shapes but it works for both of us!).
 It's a slinky fabric and - joy of joys - it has sleeves! I love a proper sleeve all year round, but particularly in the colder months!
I am so comfy, happy and BRIGHT in this. Totally perfect! Size 24.
 Now, on to something considerably more autumnal!
 Lovely shape, beautiful double silk fabric, comfy and delicious!
 Full length sleeve joy! I feel very smart in this dress, it's perfect for work and I can totally imagine it with one of my faux fur coats!
 Happy Parsnip... can you tell?! Size 22.
 I KNEW me and this dress were meant to be. I loved this on the website, but I haven't really worn brown for years, so I wanted to try it before buying. Happily it is a delicious shade of chocolate brown which I rather like on me, and I am deeply in love with it!
 This is a thick fabric and a great length - again, it will be perfect for work. Well, and everything else actually, because it's excellent!
 I love the detailing on this - it's similar to the floral one above and has lovely shoulder and waist flourishes, but more importantly it has long sleeves and zips.... totally cool!
 I think the simplicity of this dress makes it my favourite of the 3. I don't have many non-patterned dresses any more, so this one is rather special! Size 24.

I am in no way sponsored by Anna Scholz, but I am totally making myself an unofficial brand ambassador. I think it is the only plus size brand that I always love. The clothes are so well made, and obviously you pay more for designer clothes and good quality, but the attention to detail really shows, and there are always shapes to suit all different body types. There is a good reason why I now have so many Anna Scholz dresses; they're in a class of their own in a world full of disappointing plus size options! Many of my readers will not be able to afford designer clothing at full price, but it's worth checking for sales, because £50 for a beautifully tailored dress is less than you'll pay for many-a badly made high-street dress. You know I speaketh the truth! I have become evangelical about Anna Scholz! If only I could have got my grubby mits on some of her Sheego range.....


  1. It's posts like these that very, very occasionally make me wish I lived in London. I would LOVE to get my hands on some of those size 18s, but unfortunately I live 350 miles away! I love the first dress so much, I think it looks amazing on you, the colours are beautiful and the print is droolworthy. Congrats on your purchases :D

  2. You look absolutely amazing in every dress! Thank you for linking to me :-) I love the digital print dress (the second one) and wish it'd been available in my size. Despite buying a number of dresses myself, I can't help but wonder how many beauties I missed and I'm wishing I could go back tomorrow and browse the rails all over again!! Thank you for your help today xxx

  3. I came all the way from the Netherlands just to be at the sample sale! Anna Scholz is by far my favorite plussize designer and I love her prints, it's just genius! I got the first dress you showed as well (gorgeous!) and some more. Hope to be there next time as well!

  4. I know.... Anna always has such bright colours and great patterns.... no blending into the background on my watch!

  5. I'll see you there again next year then I think?! Ha! I hope I'll get to see some pics of you in the dresses you bought! xx

  6. I agree - only Asos curve ever dares to go so bright and bold, but it's so sporadic with them and the quality isn't there. I just Love her dresses, and that she doesn't blindly follow trends, but creates items that are timeless. I'll see you there next year then I hope! Love your blog by the way, great style!

  7. Haha, I think you can pretty much guarantee I'll be there ;-) I hear through the grapevine that there might be another sale in the new year so we'll have to keep our eyes peeled. And yes, I plan to review some of the dresses on my blog just as soon as I have time to get some snaps done xxx