Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Most of the stuff I've bought recently has been from ebay, but there have been a few shop-bought items that have found their way into my wardrobes. I'm sorry to say that some of this has already sold out, which seems to be the norm unless it's from asos!.
 I wanted a plain little jacket to go with my sleeveless dresses, and this one from George was ideal.
 Sorry ya'll this one has sold out!
 You've seen a snap of this, but I almost didn't keep it because it's just so unflattering, but who cares? It's so warm and snugly! The pink version has sold out, but they still have the blue & cream versions. I would have gone for the blue one if they'd put them on the site at the same time!
 This is the size 24 and it's perfect. I particularly like this because the lining on the body is stretch jersey, so it's way more comfy than a regular faux fur coat and it can actually stretch a bit!
 This Dorothy Perkins skirt is the shit. I am very deeply in love with it! It's a beautiful pink bronze colour and is a proper midi length.
 It has a very subtle embossed pattern on it too. It's frigging glorious! Very annoyingly (for me, not you!) it's now on sale for £20 here.
 I sent back the size 22 because it was HUGE! The whole skirt is stretchy, but considering I normally wear a size 24 in skirts I would say that this is VERY oversized! You can see how big this size 20 is. I think this could fit a size 26 easily, so when the 22 I sent back goes online snap it up if your size 28-30, you'll be able to pull it off for sure!
 I got this in the sale (Dorothy Perkins again) so I guess it's no surprise that it's now sold out.....
 Just another one to go with my dresses, I liked the gathering on the back!
Last year it was too mild to wear a Christmas jumper on Christmas jumper day, so I have decided that Christmas t-shirts are the more sensible option! Primark is the BEST place for Christmas clothing. They have loads of jumpers, but if you go there now they also have tons of ace t-shirts. I got some as gifts (not putting them on here 'cause they're surprises!), but I couldn't resist getting a couple for myself. This one is from the mens department. It's sometimes a squeeze to get into the ladies size 20, but the mens XXL tees are more generous. They're also cheaper!
I have wanted an elf dress or top for years and this (size 20) Primark one has made me ridiculously happy! They have a similar version with a santa outfit that I nearly bought too.... held myself back a bit!
 Just a quick side note, these are Dorothy Perkins size 22 indigo jeggings - I had to get the tall version because the regular had sold out... just folded them up so no biggie. FYI they're SUPER stretchy and quite generous. Shame they dye my legs blue. I've yet to find a pair of indigo jeans from anywhere that don't run like mad though, so I just live with it! My lipstick is from Primark. I think it was £1.50 and it's a lush matte red with a pink tone. It has a slight sherbet smell to it!
Back to the t-shirt. It's the best thing ever. The end.


  1. Oh my goodness, you are an ADORABLE elf! I love the cropped white jacket in your first pics - I am gutted it sold out :-( The bronze skirt is also ace, it's not something I would wear myself but I absolutely love it on you x

  2. I WISH I WERE AN ELF! I think you'd look excellent in a skirt like the bronze one (they have a less in-your-face wine and black version too). This kind of skirt looks amazing on women with an hour glass shape! xx

  3. Gosh you are super cute in that elf shirt (well anything really)
    i NEED the elf tshirt and that bronze skirt. They are like the best thing ever
    I want that tshirt so bad but primark is not here

  4. Hi, Ive had these jeggings too, wash them inside out with about half a washing scoop of cheap table salt & wash as normal they keep the colour without dying your legs

  5. I bet if you type in 'elf t-shirt' into google you'll find somewhere to buy something like it.... Primark tend to sell generic Christmas stuff that's often available via ebay or other cheap clothing retailers. Might be worth a try, I love being an elf! xx

  6. I am for sure going to try this, thanks for the tip! xx

  7. Or white vinegar works too, its great for keepimg clothes bright (dont worry about the smell it vanishes pretty quickly)