Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wardrobe Weekly

It's been another busy one, which is why wardrobe weekly is late again! In my fella's continual attempts to give me a thorough Jazz education, I've been watching Ken Burns 'Jazz' (series of documentaries) and it was that which spurred me on to finally finish my last post 'The wrong scale', which I started writing about 3 months ago. The second episode introduces us to Duke Ellington and I was inspired by his story. I loved the following passages....

"Your manners, your sense of what you are capable of, will carry you past the slights and insults. Always carry yourself as if you're above them, because in fact you are"

"(Ellington's mother) Daisy told her son he must allow nothing to stop him, unpleasant facts and potential barriers were simply to be ignored. He could do anything anyone else could do, and because she believed that, Ellington would always believe it too"

I am in no way comparing fat-phobia or hatred towards racism (which is why I didn't include this in the actual post), but those words just resonated with me, so I sat down and re-wrote that post. Once it was actually posted I could get on with everything else (lots of laundry for instance!). So three cheers for Jazz!

It's actually a fantastically fascinating series, and as you can imagine, most of the musicians stories are hugely inspiring. If you are interested in the history of jazz (well, or just music in general!) then you should check it out - My jazz-mad boyfriend has the DVD's but you can watch it on Daily motion for free here! My Jazz Education continues.....

I'm so in love with this tune that I felt the need to put it up here. Now, on to my week in clothes!

 Oh the joy! This has been in my 'winter' suitcase, and it was the first thing I wanted to wear after I swapped my summer wardrobe over!
 I adore this dress. I wore it loads last year and I always feel foxy in it!
 Rubber shoes to resist the rain!
Excelent mosaic print!
 Dress 26-28 - AX Paris / ebay
Cardi 20 - Primark
Leggings 20 - South / Very
Shoes - Melissa + J Maskrey & Swarovski

 I bought this from Becky's blog sale ages ago, but the weather was too mild to wear it so this is it's first outing!
Dress 2xl - Domino Dollhouse
Leggings 20 - Primark
Boots - Old via ebay! 

 It's autumn, and that means it's time for lightweight jumpers!
 When I was little I always thought women looked chic in turtlenecks, and that feeling has never gone away. 
I've had this jumper for years - it's an old cheap classic that is ideal for chilly, windy weather.
Jumper 18 - Primark
Jeans 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - Asos
Earrings - Forever 21 

 I really liked this outfit. I am a real fan of a simple jeans + jumper combo. It's so simple but it just looks cute!
 It's the first time I've worn this jumper (which I got a month or so ago) and I really like it. I wish I could get it in other colours too, it's comfy and lush!
 Anyone who likes Doc Martins and has legs like mine (massive - too big for most wellies) should get down to Primark and buy some of these. I LOVE these £10 wellies. They have them in black glitter and floral prints as well as these leopard ones. Genius idea.
Jumper 24 - Barbara Hulaniki for George
jeans 22 - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Primark 

Please excuse the terrible pictures! I look insane in these, but anyway.... these trousers look much better in real life, trust me!
 Cute print!
Shirt 24 - George
Trousers 22 - Dorothy Perkins 

 My summer weekend uniform was jumpsuits and flip flops. My winter weekend uniform is jersey joggers, jumpers and slippers!
 Whole outfit - Primark!

Oh the joy of a sunny day after all the rainy doom and gloom!
 It's a good jub I didn't pack away my denim jacket along with my other summer coats, because Sunday was oddly hot and very sunny!
 A nice simple dress that I got for £6 from the lovedrobe website last year.
I'm wearing REAL hi-tops, not those foul things with the concealed wedge heel. Why anyone would want to ruin a comfy pair of trainers with a big heel is beyond me!
 Jacket 22 - New Look Inspire
Dress 24 - Lovedrobe
Leggings 20 - Primark
Hi-tops - Nike


  1. Monday to Wednesday are the loveliest clothes i have seen in a while. Stunning, and Monday! That dress! Oh my! Sexy as.

  2. I want that mosaic dress so much, it's gorgeous - I will have to stalk Ebay!

    Love the weekly roundup, brilliant as usual, you have a really amazing eye for putting together a splendid outfit.

  3. I think so too, the mosaic dress is mega sexy... amazing what a simple bodycon dress can do!