Monday, 3 November 2014

Christmas with JD Williams

Oh guys... you know how I feel about velvet at this time of year. It is just the most Festive thing in the world! When I say Velvet, technically I mean velour which is the much more wearable modern equivalent, but it's still luxurious and always makes me feel fancy! 

When JD Williams offered me a Christmas dress to review, I knew instantly which one I would plump (ahem!) for and then I just had to choose the colour.....
 It just HAD to be Green! As tempted as I was by the blue, I always think red and green are Christmas colours, and as I have a red velour dress (Some of my readers will remember that I wore it on Christmas day last year!) I thought Green was the best option.
 And what a dress it is! I knew I would love this, it has all the things that I love in a dress - it's fitted, it's stretchy, there's ruching and it has a fabulous bodice for a large bust! This is a size 24 and it's the perfect size for me. I could have fit into the 22 but I like a bit of room to breath,  if you want extra va-va-voom then the smaller size would be the right choice!
When it comes to Christmas dresses I want 4 things...

Rich colours
Sumptuous fabrics
Old-school glamour

It's all very well looking fantastic, but if like me your parties involve a fair bit of yummy food then comfort is key!
This dress fits all of my criteria. It's got the perfect amount of stretch to make it comfy and body-hugging, but it's thick enough to not cling to every lump and bump the way that some fabrics do.
I always think that velour is a rather forgiving and flattering fabric. There is something about the matte sheen that looks fantastic on all body shapes.
I'm so happy in this that I've created my own rainbow! 
 The ruching on the bodice is lovely, and more importantly if you have a large bust it will certainly stretch with your shape rather than crush or flatten your assets!
 I'm just wearing a regular bra and tights with this dress - no shapewear at all, so you can see how flattering it is....
 When I first tried this on (when it arrived and I had no makeup on, and my hair in a librarian bun!) my boyfriend was very excited, and as he doesn't take much notice of clothes I'd say that's a good sign that this is a sexy dress. I feel sexy in it, and you just can't beat that feeling! I think it's a perfect dress for a party!
 I went for a classic and lady like look for these pictures, but I am already imagining this dress styled in other ways - I'm thinking a loose glittery jacket and some knee high boots for a more casual look, or green smokey eyes, pale lips, a little belt and some higher-heels for a flat out sex-kitten look! 
I haven't decided whether this will be a) my works Christmas party dress (in which case I'll be smoky eyes all the way) or b) my real Christmas dress (in which case I'll take a more casual approach!) but either way, I can't WAIT to wear this out for real!
 As I said, the 'Together Velour dress' is also available in Burgundy....
..... or midnight blue, and I think it's pretty much the perfect Festive season party dress! Get it here!
Happy Parsnip!


  1. WOWWWWWWWWWW! You look absolutely gorgeous in this dress, no wonder your boyfriend liked it! I think you made the perfect choice of colour as the green is so lovely on you. I've owned a few velour dresses over the years, and in fact I too wore a red velour dress on Christmas Day last year (from Pink Clove). I've yet to put my mind to what I'll wear this year but no doubt this dress will be very high up on my list. I don't know how I'd choose which colour, though, as they're all so pretty! Thanks for posting pics that show the dress from a variety of angles, as this really helps me to understand the cut and fit x

  2. Charli Stewart-Russon3 November 2014 at 11:03

    You look absolutely amazing ... velvet is such a luxurious material and really gives that extra wow factor to any dress. The colour looks amazing on you to!

  3. Boom chicka wow wow! You look belting. x

  4. Love it! I had a vintage velvet dress in this shade of green years ago (which sadly I got to big for), and I loved it. The burgundy looks quite festive too, it would be nice with silver shoes and accessories. Thanks for sharing. Val xxx

  5. You look fab! May have to try this in midnight blue but I'm in between sizes so best to size up to 24?
    Thanks Kerry x

  6. Thanks love! I try to give a few angles otherwise it's hard to see what the over all fit is like you know?! xx

  7. Thank you! I am a sucker for green!

  8. Tehehehehe you leave the best comments! xx

  9. I'm actually on the hunt for gold shoes as I have a great gold jacket from Dorothy Perkins that I'd like to wear with this dress! Velvet + sparkle is a winner in my book!

  10. I think it depends on your shape and the over all fit you want. I would say that if you wear a 24 in dresses made of surdy fabric normally then go fr the 24, if you like a dress to be more bodycon then get the 22! xx

  11. I completely agree! That's why I try to include a range of angles in my blog pics, too ;-) x

  12. By the way, you need a Facebook page for this blog, lady! I posted a pic of you in this dress with a link to this blog post on my Facebook page and you've got more likes than my own latest blog post, ha!! Would've been even better if I'd been able to tag you x

  13. Oh god I detest facebook, it's too intrusive for my liking! I can barely deal with the social media I use now so I've no plans for any more! Having said that I very much appreciate you posting my pic hon, that was lovely of you..... I hope anyone who might be interested my blog would be able to find me on other mediums! Xx

  14. Omg, you look so fab! I wish I could get my hands on that dress but damn me, it doesn't come in size 10 :(

  15. As a size 10 you don't need this dress, you need this one....

    I couldn't fit into it and it broke my heart into a million pieces! It's like the more vampy and sexy version of the one I'm wearing above! xx