Thursday, 27 November 2014


I have tried SO MANY coats on recently. All of which have been a mega disappointment in terms of how they fit me.... or how they don't fit me to be precise! My arse is too big for the coats that are currently fashionable (the cocoon styles) and I've been struggling to find one that fits both my top and bottom halves properly. It's always one or the other! I got so frustrated that I actually looked at Evans (which I don't normally do if I'm honest!) and lo and behold, they had some coats that I actually liked! Many of them were described as 'swing' coats, which is a dream come true to those of us with big bottoms and hips! I work near the Marble Arch Evans flagship store, so I wandered over after work to try some on.
 I really wasn't impressed with the selection they had in store. It felt like a sea of padded and parka coats and just a couple of more stylish ones. that's why I only managed to pick up 2 coats to try. The first one was a damn disaster. This is (and I'm quoting) and 'swing' coat. In size 24. LOOK HOW TIGHT IT IS! This is not in anyway a plus size swing coat. I've had swing coats, I know what the cut is like. This is not a swing coat. I'm sure it's a nice coat when it actually fits properly, but I wouldn't know because they didn't have a size 26 that I could compare it to! Bollocks basically. My hopes for the second coat were not at all high!
 Well now that is much better! Size 24 and a great comfy fit. This is also described as a swing coat, and again, it's not swing as I know it, but it's a good fit for a big bottom and bust without having massive wide shoulders. I was very impressed with the fit of this.....
... I think it's classic and cute, so I bought it! This is the first (Evans own brand) piece of Evans clothing I've bought in years, and I got 30% off with a deal they had so it cost £40. I've never had a Navy coat before and I really do like it very much!

You can get this coat in a variety of colours and I really recommend it. It's the perfect thickness for current weather and will take me through until it's cold enough for faux fur / quilted coats!


  1. Hi, Keep your receipt! I bought the same jacket & had the same oh its cute & classic etc thoughts as you.... untill I wore it more than once! it starts looking shabby & bobbley really quickly. Im not trying to be a div its just a heads up x

  2. Weird..... I've had this coat for nearly a month and have worn it maybe 15 times and it's fine! Admittedly I don't care about bobbling (!) But I haven't noticed any changes to it's condition xx

  3. Mine looked like last years after wearing it a handful of times, I was really dissapointed :( Though got two nice coats from Tesco & a unworn but second hand Northface rain coat, so all in all coated up for the season!