Tuesday, 31 December 2013


A stinking cold can't hold me down...
 I felt sexy, so I got sexy.
 Getting all my lumps and bumps out in this Primark bodycon dress (size 20, £7 in sale & worn backwards today!)
This is the dress I wore for my works Christmas party after party, I love it so I decided to wear it again & actually take some proper pictures this time!
I even put some eyeshadow on. Mac can't be beaten for frosted eyeshadows in my humble opinion. You can't see much of it here but it's a pinky / purple colour to match the spots on the dress.
A couple of snaps the boyf did... I seem to obscure the lovely tree somewhat huh?!
Happy New year guys, may 2014 be a confident (and hopefully sexy) one for all of you! xx

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