Sunday, 8 December 2013

Wardrobe weekly

I am having an episode while I write this.... I just heard an alarming noise and realised that my big dress wardrobe was breaking. I hope very much that I will be able to save it because seriously, I can't find anything similar that will fit the space and I will have to get rid of a shit load of stuff if it can't be salvaged! Man, why does this have to happen just after we bought a new bed and the day bed for the spare room is on its way?! Worst timing EVER! Trying not to stress about it but my beau is at a gig tonight and he is normally the one to reassure me that it's not the end of the word. Deep breaths!

Anyway, here are most of my ootd's.


I completely ignored my outfit on Monday because it was the Anna Scholz sample day and I was thinking of nothing else! I had on my Ruby Rocks flamenco dancer print dress (also a sample I believe!)
Dress 22 - Simply Be via ebay (think this is a sample, they produced this same print in a different style!)
Shoes - charity shop
 I had sort of forgotten this dress that I bought in the summer, it's a cute work dress, but my hair was behaving very badly and ruined my look I feel. I wanted to wear it up but my white sideburns prevented me doing so... never mind!
 Dress 24 - Anna Scholz black label
Tights XL - Primark 100 den
Shoes - New Look

 Getting sparkly now it's december!

Dress 24 - Lovedrobe
Tights XL - Primark (super cosy)
Shoes - New Look

 I wore some cute Primark earrings too, they have some lovely Christmas jewellery!

On a rather different note I got some of the much lauded Neal's Yard Remedies lengthening mascara (£16) because I wanted something a bit more natural that wasn't going to damage my lashes if I wear it everyday......
 It smells lovely (sort of vanilla coconut oil smell) and has a nice brush, so I tried it out.....
 No mascara & no curling (my lashes are so stumpy and shite :()

 After one coat....

 After two coats.....
 I'm not at all impressed with this mascara to be honest. The only good things about it is the smell and the fact that it doesn't irritate my eyes. It hardly sticks to my lashes at all. I tried so hard to get a layer of it onto the tips of my lashes, but to no avail! It doesn't really lengthen them. Applying two coats is almost impossible as the 2nd layer seems to dissolve the 1st layer. You'll have to trust me when I say that pretty much every other mascara I've ever had has been better at lengthening my lashes than this one. Shame. I'll probably use it now and again anyway just to give my eyes a break from the chemicals in my other mascaras (and because it cost £16 and I can't return it!) but it really isn't a good product and it is certainly not worth £16! Take my advice and get some max factor masterpiece mascara instead (the original one in the gold tube)!

 Love this dress, it's a classic!
 Dress 22 - M&S via ebay
Leggings 20 - Primark
Boots - Simply Be


I wore my old pastel orange jeans and navy bird print jumper.... while cleaning the flat the jeans tore right from the crotch until nearly the whole leg was hanging off. Another pair bites the dust. That is why there are no pictures!

 Had my boyfriends parents round so a pretty dress was 100% nessasary!
 Dress 24 - Anna Scholz white label
Tights XL - Primark 100 den
Cardi 18 - Dorothy Perkins
Shoes - clarks via ebay

My (faux) mother in law loved the dress, particularly the pattern and the polar bear!

Right I'm off to think about anything but my broken wardrobe!

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