Friday, 13 December 2013

More Christmas frocks!

Oh my lord, since my mammoth Christmas dress post so many new and exciting dresses have been released! I'm not allowed to buy anything new until next year after my recent splurges but I thought I'd just show you guys some more dresses that I'm loving at the moment!

First up is this STUNNER from my favourite designer Anna Scholz. Bless her cotton socks, she has just release this limited edition party dress for £95..... her crepe corseted dresses are normally in the region of £190 so it's a special purchase. I really want one of these, but after spending £260 at her sample sale I think I might have to curb my Scholz habit until next year :(

If this sparkly dress from new look wasn't a mini I'd have had it..... lush!

This New Look inspire dress is so incredibly girly that I wouldn't normally look twice at it, but it's just so very pretty that I want to try it on and flounce about in it!

Sticking with New look, and the girly theme, I love the lace on this dress and it's such a bargain for £26.99!

Yours clothing have some mega cute dresses at the moment, I love the gold on this one!

There are few thing in life I would like... to have a bosom like the model above is one of them, for this dress to be longer is another! If you're more of a mini skirt fan than me then this sexy sequin dress from Yours clothing would be amazing for Christmas!

She wore blllluuuuuuuueeeeee velvet! Nuff said! Yours clothing velvet skater dress.

I think Simply Be have hit the nail on the head with this deco inspired beaded dress. Want this very badly, although I'm not sure this flapper shape works on me!

I do tend to forget about Marisota, mainly because SImply be sell so much of the same stuff, but occasionally I'll notice a batch of dresses that I really like and this Grace dress is one of them. So pretty, lace with sparkle in a shape that would flatter most figures!

I was trying to get my colleague to buy this in the standard ASOS range last week, so I was so happy to see it in curve! HOLOGRAPHIC SEQUINS!


  1. They're all so pretty! I tried on the sequin midi from new look - it's one of those sequin dresses where the sequins are so so sharp they try to eat your arms/neck/legs from the outside in!

    I also tried on the gold and lace new look number, in the size 24 the waist was perfect but the top mesh was quite baggy, I do wish that I had bought it though because it was only a small niggle in an otherwise pretty nice dress.

  2. thats the first lace dress... the girly one!

  3. I bought the Newlook girly flouncy one you mentioned - the wine coloured one. Got so many compliments on it. So pretty!