Friday, 20 December 2013

Two days of festive fun!

Ahhhhh my last few days at work are always pretty fun, and that's because I never go into work the day after the Christmas party.... when the party ends I'm officially on holiday, and the lead-up to it involves lots of sillyness!

 Monday afternoon was our department Christmas outing which I arranged this year - any excuse to go to Covent Garden at Christmas!
 This entire outfit is from Primark. Love this loose Christmas t-shirt, I've worn it loads. Most of the Christmas tees from Primark were fitted but this is deliberately oversized so it's mega comfy. The jersey pencil skirt was only £5 and it's below the knee and really fitted. It didn't loose much of it's shape so I was really happy with it!

I LOVE Covent Garden at this time of year, it's totally joyous!

 I totally wore 3 different outfits on Tuesday (Christmas party day) which is ridiculous, but let me explain.... I just wanted to be comfy during the day so I wore a primark t-shirt with my Swan trousers and didn't give two shits that I looked like I was in pyjamas!
 I went totally over the top for the party and wore a green stretch velvet maxi dress size 22 (from ebay here)
 I totally looked like I could be in Merlin or something, but you know, I don't go to posh events that often so when I do I get very dressed up! After wearing this for a night I decided it was a bit too small for my boobs (stretchy, but the empire line is a bit high on me) and was going to sell it but my bestie has already nabbed it from me and is going to take it in a bit!
 I totally kept a straight face for the first photo but then started running towards the camera....
 ..... I have to admit to being a bit jolly at this point!
 The after party was at a bar (a far less posh affair) and there was not a chance in hell of me dancing in the velvet maxi.... would have boiled to death! I decided to go FULL ON FAT IN YOUR FACE!
 Seriously tight bodycon dress that left nothing to the imagination. I just didn't care, although I think it might have been a tad see-through! I just wanted to be able to dance so this seemed like a good option..... to be honest I didn't do anywhere near as much dancing as I would have liked. The music was so.... ummm.... I'm just gonna say it.... white! I know I am white, but you know what? I like music with some ooommmppph! There was almost a mutiny until something with a bit of a beat was put on!
 I got this awesome dress from Primark on Monday night, size 20, on sale from £15 to £7, and I just loved the little dots and glitteryness. I had to have it!
Being a Arms and armour enthusiast I also appreciated the fact that it looks a bit like mail (that's 'chain' mail to the non-initiated!) so I threw caution to the wind. 

A nice night.... I didn't get too pissed, only spent about £4 and had a bit of a dance. Then on Wednesday I had a damn good lie-in and spent the day in t-shirt and jeans. Lush!

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  1. Lots of lovely clothes. The green maxi is to die for! x x