Sunday, 15 December 2013


I feel like I've been going on about this forever, but I wanted a roaring 20's style dress to wear to my friends wedding next year, and having accepted that the short a-line flapper style dresses don't fit or suit me very well I've been on the look out for something suitable. You wouldn't think it would be so tricky, but I refuse to wear black to a wedding and the majority of the nice Gatsby-esque dresses available are black. Black is for funerals in my book (it's my book... you guys can obviously do whatever you want!), I like something a little less sombre for weddings personally!

Whilst choosing frocks for my Christmas party post I looked at Marisota and saw a dress called Gatsby.... on sale, and as I'd never ordered anything from them before I also got an extra 20% off and free next day delivery so I figured it was worth trying, it would be rude not to!
 Ooooohhhhh I proper feel like I'm in an episode of House of Elliott! I went for a size 24 as there's no stretch and it's heavily beaded. I'm not wearing any shaping undies here (which I will on the day) and I've got a fantastic deco head band (not the one I'm wearing above fyi!). Not decided on the shoes, but I think this dress is so lovely. I like the length and the beading is really beautiful!
 Totally plain on the back so not much to say about it!
What do you think?! With some heels and maybe a side bun?! The dress is available here, and I've been very impressed with the service from Marisota - hope it will be as good when I'm not a 'new customer'!. I would say I could have fitted into a 22 on top, but it would certainly have been too tight on my big bottom, so go for your normal size if your top heavy, size up if your bottom heavy!

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  1. I totally agree about not wearing black to a wedding. The dress is lovely on you! But you seem to have doubts? :-(