Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Not for me.

This order just didn't work out. The other plus size bloggers have been Pink Clove crazy, but I resisted their charms for ages because all the clothing looked so short. Having seen some of their dresses in real life the skater styles certainly are short, but the realisation that their model is 5ft11 made me look at some of their clothes in a whole new light. I ordered some bits and bobs! BE WARNED, I look rough in these pictures, but had to take them in a rush so I could show you guys before I return everything!

I just thought this dress looked so cute. It looks minuscule on the model, far too short and too tight, so I decided to size right up to the size 26/28 in order to get more of a swing look like in the picture above.
Mega disappointment right from the off - the colour is so dull in real life compared with the glorious scarlet colour in the image above, so I already knew it wasn't for me. I took it out of the bag to look at and wasn't even sure if I'd get into it. The sizing in this dress is miles off. God knows how a size 28 woman would get into it!
 I got it on okay, but it is a bit tight, and looks a bit crap to be honest. There is no stretch. It's not really fitted but it's not really a swing dress, it's a bit of a sack. Shame.
 I was looking at these ponte midi skirts for ages and finally I decided to try one in a size 22. Nope. Felt like a granny in it.
 I'd get a seat on the bus in this I reckon!
 The thing is it just doesn't sit right on me, even thought I'm a bit taller than average and wearing it quite high. It also doesn't leave anything to the imagination as you can see! I don't mind a bit of the old double belly showing sometimes, but not when I want a sleek look, and that's the look I wanted with these skirts. It's a good size and the fabric feels nice and is super stretchy but I think the stretchiness is what makes the lumps show up so much!
 Again, too many lumps for my liking! Maybe plain skirts are just not going to work for me?!
 These are the tops I wanted to wear with my smart plain skirts, but I'm just not feeling it, too much belly on display so the silhouette doesn't work.
This pencil skirt is also ponte in a size 22.

Oh well, you live and you learn I guess!


  1. I also haven't bought anything from Pink Clove for exactly the same reason- I don't want a bum skimming dress! I also can't believe the sizing- I know that sometimes you might have to go a size up or down, but if a size 26 woman bought that dress she probably wouldn't get her leg in it! Hmm.

  2. I'm one of the ones who loves Pink Clove. I have 4 items which I adore. My favourite is the pencil skirt. I am going to buy another one. I don't need to size up in anything far.
    I guess it's choices and body shape. We're all different!

  3. You actually look really nice in the first dress, but if you don't feel it that sucks. I'm sorry that your order was all disappointing. ;-(

  4. I have to say Leah, the skirts were totally the correct size, but the dress definitely wasn't. I've seen many ladies looking lovely in Pink Clove, which is why I decided to make this order, but the skater styles are far too short for me, and the midi skirt (which was the piece I really wanted) works much better on long legs, because they style doesn't really suit the length. I would have kept the black skirt had it been a firmer & less stretchy fabric!

    Thanks Lena, I just felt like the dress clung to all the bits I didn't want it to!

    Charlie, I feel sure that some of the stuff on their site would be fine, but I find it very hard to judge because they either have no model, or the model is extremely tall!