Thursday, 5 December 2013

Anna Scholz Sample Sale 2013!

 Guess where I went today?! How could I resist? Let's face it, I don't get paid enough to buy designer clothing, but I really really love Anna Scholz, so her sample sale is fast becoming a tradition with me. It does seem like size 22 & 24 (which are my normal sizes from her range) are the most popular, because there isn't always much to choose from on those rails (seriously, get there early!) but the joy of sample sales is that you can just try on any size you fancy and see what works. If I was a size 18 (there were about 5 rails of 18's, with some of the best ever dresses!) I would have spent so much money that I would have had to get a second job! Anyway, I can't show you everything I got because some are gifts, but I did of course spend an alarming amount of money on myself... you know what I got a bonus this year for kicking ass on a project that has now been nominated for an award, so this is what I chose to spend my bonus on!
 You may remember this pattern from a previous post, because I LOVE this print and tried it in both the wrap dress, and top, but neither style worked for me. I was therefore very happy to see it in this sample style, and as with my crayon print dress it worked better for me that the styles that were actually produced. I found this in the size 18 section but nothing was going to stop me going home with it!
So cute, I love this star print so much, and such a delicious colour too! £35! My boyfriend saw this picture and said the dress was 'cool', which is high praise from him considering it is not massively tight / short / low-cut, which is normally his idea of of a good dress!
 Stupid camera! Fuzzy, but trust me... lovely! This is a silk dress that I wanted for ages, so I was super duper stoked to find it in a size 24 for £50. This one is actually quite generous and I could easily have worn the 22, but the style lends itself to a loose fit so it's alllllll good!
Isn't is delicious?! As I've said before, once you've tried a double silk dress you'll want more - so comfy!
 I always loved this dress, it's super girly and cute! Lovely colours, lovely pleats, lovely fit. It's bloody lovely! Size 22 and happily it just about fitted my boobs in (it's not stretchy as it's georgette).
Lots of swing! Fabulous bargain for £35!
 I swear that I wouldn't normally look twice at this sort of dress, but something made me pick it up and try it on.....
 What a fantastic silhouette! It seems that the only peplum dresses I like on me are Anna Scholz ones. They seem to be longer in the torso than many I've tried from elsewhere. This is a proper tailored dress with a full lining in size 24. It has stretch but is quite firm... how good is this dress for work?!
It's a fabulous bright pink and has such a lovely low plunging neckline.... probably too low for some peoples liking, but I love a deep v-neck and often wear cleavage dresses to work. £35!
See... when I'm sat down it's like BOOM! This is a dress to kick ass in!
 Oh my god would you look at this beautiful dress?! This is the one I am most excited about, and it's one that was handed to me by a lovely lady who said that although it was a size 26 it was quite small sizing & she really wanted to see me in it, so I tried it on....
 ... swoon! Oh lord this is just so very delicious! It fits me pretty well for a 26 and is just so perfect in so many ways! The print is fabulous, it's double silk (so £50 again) it's below the knee, it clings & skims in all the right places, the colours are a dream, the shoulders are so cute and the neckline is just right for me!
HAPPY PARSNIP! There you go then, I came home with sizes 18-26 and I love them and feel spectacular in them all.... that's why I am going to be totally skint in January!
Happy dance!


  1. Oooooh. Ooooooooh. OHHH! Gorgeous, seriously. And such great prices!! I especially like the second dress, the pink one and the last one that you love so much. Wow!

  2. Amazing! These dresses look wonderful on you. I really must get myself over to the sale one of these years!