Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Asos take two

After my disappointing asos order was sent back I made a second order so that I could size up on the mono clash dress and try some of the other items that have been sitting in my wishlist for ages.
 I had no intention of passing up on this insane dress, so I ordered the size 26, and now I'm happy to report that there is room for my ass!
 In terms of sizing this is far more comfortable, as it isn't too tight on my arms, and I can sit down in it! It's the right size on my bust and bum / hips now, but it's really loose in the waist. That's how it's supposed to be though, it's a t-shirt dress cut so all is good in the world!

 It's not stretchy so when I sit down it gets tighter on the old belly, but most things do, and it's not uncomfortable now I'm in the bigger size! Yey!

It looks so nice in the pictures! I couldn't even get the  trousers on, but that's totally standard for ASOS non-stretch trousers, they don't accommodate a belly or an ass in my experience!.
 Ergh. Pants. The jacket is soooo long! Size 24, non-stretch. Don't like it.
 It's mega tight on the arms.
 This looks like a nice bright orange doesn't it?
 In real life? NEON! It is so florescent it makes my eyes hurt..... I think this might actually glow in the dark! It's stretch lace over a matching slip.  Size 24 (didn't need to size up for this in the end, it's stretchy and relatively generous) it's just above the knee, and I love the colour even though it's far from subtle! My only real gripe is that the little glittery dots on it are actual glitter, so me and my bedroom are now covered in glitter!
The lace is soft and it's really comfy but I'm not actually keeping it, because I already have a neon orange dress from Mod Cloth.....
 Remember this little beauty?!
This one clings to my double belly a bit more than I'd like (it's more obvious in real life than in the pictures!) but has a relaxed fit everywhere else. I think if I'd got it in a smaller size so it was tighter it would look better as it would be tighter on my waist and bust as well as my belly and would be a bit more bodycon. Basically I'm saying you should get your normal size, don't size up! I'd like to see Bethany from Arched Eyebrow in this one, how good would it look with her asos curve leather jacket with the big shoulders?!

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