Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Birthday gurrrrl

I turned 32 today, and although technically all my out-of-the-house celebrations are taking place tomorrow / the weekend and I'm staying in tonight, that never stops me dressing all nice in celebration of my birthday! The Boyf bought me these beautiful flowers, and I've had a lush day at home. Anyway I thought this might be a good opportunity to show you the shoes I got a few months back... they haven't featured on the blog yet so I'm excited 'cause I love them!
Earrings - V&A
Dress 24 - Asos Curve
Tights XL - Primark 100 den
Shoes - Tracey Neuls
 I'm wearing a couple of Ebay buys here, both of which I love!
 I wanted this dress for ever, and was sure I'd manage to get it for cheap in the Asos sales, but after about a year of it sitting in my wishlist (and still being well expensive!) it sold out in a 24 and there was no way I was going to be able to get a 22 done up over my norks... it's a shirt dress after all!
 Happily I managed to get it on ebay for cheap (extremely cheap in fact, since the seller posted it to me soaking wet and reeking of cigarettes & fabreeze!) and although I was a bit worried that it would be a bit too short for me it's actually a pretty nice length... a few inches above me knees, which is perfect for full skirts!
 On to my goddam awesome shoes. I love Tracey Neuls shoes and if I could afford more of her designs I would wear them everyday! As it is I can't really justify the price, no matter how much I love them, so I can only get them during sample sales or from ebay, and these turned up on ebay shortly after the last sample sale (which I missed... ARGH!) so I was stoked to win these!
 The thing with Tracey's shoes is that they're such cool and unusual designs, but they're weirdly comfortable. I have 3 pairs now and I love them all!
 The colour is so delicious.... I think my burning desire to own red shoes when I was a little girl (which I wasn't allowed!) has never really left me, so I find these very exciting!
 Ahhhh man these are dream shoes! There are a couple of pairs I want in her sale at the moment too, but at over £100 each I'm not sure if I'd get enough ware out of them..... I shouldn't have looked! I might have to go to the store and try them. Slippery slope!
 These are some of my favourite earrings that I got from the V&A Hollywood Costume Exhibition, they're big, and yellow, and therefore I love them.... obviously!

 I took a couple of days off over my birthday, mainly so I could stay home (in bed) and watch all the crappy films I've fancied watching but haven't found time for (because I don't wanna force my boyfriend to watch chick flicks!) so just for balance, this was me yesterday, keeping it casual!
 You better believe I keep my flat warm enough for flip flops when I'm home during the day! The joys of getting dressed after lunch!
Jumper & trousers 18 - Primark
Flips - Crocs

Right, my fella is about to come home, so I'm off to have some birthday fun (which will include Cherry Coke, Galaxy and chow mein... amongst other things!)


  1. Happy birthday! Your smile in the penultimate photo could light up a coal mine. x

    1. Leah! That's so lovely! I guess I don't smile much in my blog pics huh?!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have had a great day xx

  3. Hope you had a great birthday! Even your lazy days are stylish!