Thursday, 23 January 2014

Holiday Wishlist

When it comes to holiday wear, I think I'm generally sorted. This summer was pretty hot so I now have a nice variety of maxi dresses and midi dresses, and lots of shorts to wear underneath to prevent summer chafing! I also got a couple of awesome swimsuits this year, but for a week long holiday I'm thinking I might need some more. In an ideal world my holiday wardrobe would consist of these....
 First up from Forever 21+ is this delicious Kimono jacket. Would be so good with a black jumpsuit!
Speaking of jumpsuits, I think this Pink Clove one might be just what I've been looking for; perfect for a hot summer evenings drinking in a taverna somewhere huh?! I might have to make a sneaky purchase to try it out!
For the beach though, I always go with a bandeau so I can pull it on and off easily. This Resort jersey jumpsuit from very is so much like my favourite one from forever 21+, but better for lounging because it's stretchy!
I have been stalking this new look inspire dress ever since it first arrived on the website... as soon as it is available to buy (as opposed to 'preview') it will be mine!
I am most definitely in the market for a loose fitting lightweight shirt dress this summer. I can imagine sitting and reading a book on the beach in this Asos curve number!

I always like to have a special dress with me on holiday, because we will always have a special date night after finding a romantic restaurant, and I like to get all pretty! This Joe Browns dress from Simply Be is just so cute. The colour and the clashing belt is perfect, and halternecks are so flattering.
I can't do short skirts because my thighs chafe like mad, and I can't do shorts because I look like a knobber in them, so culottes are the answer. They just have to be long enough to stop my legs rubbing together and I'm happy! I like this simple little Asos curve pair!
I have a real soft spot for plazzo trousers, they make me feel so summery! This super wide Evans pair are the perfect trousers to keep cool in on a beach holiday!
I'd want something super lightweight to go with the trousers and shorts. I'm not much of a vest girl so I'd go for something like this Yours shirt.
Everyone should have Kaftan for the beach. I have a beautiful vintage one myself, but Ebay is the best place to get a good Kaftan, I really love this one!

There's no point in taking beautiful shoes on holiday with me, I want comfort. There is nothing worse than having sore feet when I'm trying to explore (particularly as my boyfriend could walk all day, and even in comfortable shoes my feet need a break every few hours!). I always have a pair of croc flip flops for walks and the beach. I've yet to get a pair of 'sexi' crocs, but they are next on my list!

If you were reading my blog during the summer months, you would have noticed that I basically LIVE in Ipanema Flip Flops when it's hot. They're more dainty than other flip flops and also more comfortable. I'm desperate to add this butterfly pair to my collection!

 Obviously one of the most important things to take on a beach holiday is swimwear. I have the amazing Clements Ribeiro Evans swimsuit, and a sexy halterneck from Bon Marche, but I've gotten rid of my other suits because they were rubbish! Bon Marche is my place for cossies nowadays, it's the only place I can find that sells cheap plus size swimwear, and I don't wanna spend £50 on something I'll only wear a couple of times! I really like the look of this one, and the detachable straps will come in handy for sunbathing.
I want to replace my Evans swim dress because I don't like the fit. If I'm gonna wear a dress then I want it to look like a mini dress, not just a long top! I love the red flowers on this one, and the gathering on the bust looks like it would give great cleavage too!

Someone pass me my factor 30 and some Jackie O sunglasses, stat!


  1. I have the pink clove pantsuit thing I sort of hate it (disclaimer being that I hate pantsuits on me and I'm not entirely sure why I thought this had changed). It is silky-ish feeling and bit thin and its got lots of stretch. The waistband/belt thing is weird its not same thickness all around and has these little ties. Just felt it fit weird, but I have no hips or arse so could be why.
    If i lived close enough would just give it to you alas I don't :( .

    1. I tried the jumpsuit and I wasn't keen either.... the fabric shows up my cellulite so bad!