Friday, 24 January 2014


Oh my god did I find some awesome stuff in Primark tonight! I suggest that you all get down there pronto!
 Errrr..... did I find a quilted jumper for £8 and a scuba midi skirt for £12? Yes I fucking did! This sweater is so lovely, warm and comfy! It's a size 20 and I'm chuffed I found it because I've been wanting a white jumper for ages, and this will be nice with smart and casual clothes! Size 20 & stretchy.
 I have been waiting for what feels like aeons for ASOS to start making thier scuba midi skirts in the curve range. Still no sign, and even if they did they'd cost me £40, so I cannot even begin to tell you how overjoyed I was to find this skirt in a 20 in the Tottenham court road Primark. I already know I'm going to wanna wear this all the time!
 It's just below the knee on me, and it's stretchy and delicious! Size 20.
 When my friend was describing a restaurant to me the other day, she said there was a girl in there wearing a My Little Pony top.... this was code for 'full of hipster-types' and I think she was taking the piss, but I was like 'Dammit! I want a My Little Pony top!'. She reads this blog sometimes so now she can see how excited I was to find one!
 This sweater is a size 20 and cost £10. It's stretchy and generous, and I LOVE IT! If I could find some rainbow bright stuff I'd be even happier!
 The shoes are actually from Primark too, I got them from the Marble Arch store a few weeks ago, and they're ace. I think they were £6.
I also got some good ghetto-tastic jewellery. All the earrings are cool, but I'm particularly excited about the big necklace, because I love big necklaces but I can't bear wearing heavy things round my neck, so finally finding a big lightweight necklace is fabulous!
 I am so very chuffed with my Primark finds tonight..... can you tell?!

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