Saturday, 4 January 2014

Another bad batch

Errrgggghhhh.... this is what I hate about online shopping. 11 items ordered, over £200 spent, and nearly all of it is going back. Bollocks! It's been ages since I did a big Asos Curve order, and now I remember why!

I'm sorry about these pictures, I don't know what's going on with my auto focus, but it just wasn't working. I really couldn't face doing the pictures again so I will have to live with them (as will you I'm afraid!)

 Heart broken! Love this dress, but this size 24 is too tight on my arms and bottom. I can't comfortably sit down in it so I can't keep it.
 It's non stretch, fully lined and a bit static, but so unusual and beautiful. I've ordered the size 26 to see if it works better because I felt like we should be together you know?!
 Floral dress, size 24, also very tight on my arms. Far too low cut and generally uncomfortable.
 Thin shell like fabric with a bit of stretch.
 I've kept this dress, it's comfy and cute, and I don't really have any black dresses like this, or any lace dresses for that matter.
 This is a 24. I could have got a 22 in this really, but I can't be arsed to exchange it!
 Elasticated waist, nice and comfy.

 I just don't know about this one. I was expecting stretch denim but it's more like faux denim. I'm also disappointed with the difference in colour. I like the acid wash affect on the model, but it's much darker in real life.
 I really don't understand the point in the back.... to be honest I didn't really look at the back before ordering so that's my fault not theirs! It's a good length on me though, thankfully much longer than the version on the model (aren't they always?!)
 This is a 24, but waist-wise I really would be better with a 22, considering that it's stretch fabric and the buttons gape like mad anyway (I'd sew them up like I normally do!). I don't like this enough to keep it.
 OOOOUUUUCCCCHHH IT HURTS! This size 24 dress is made for someone with no boobs, no boobs at all.
 My boobs are beyond squished, a total disaster!
 Again a size 24, but this dress reminds me too much of the scarlett and jo dresses, and I'm not a fan of the fabric used because it's designed to pull you in and be firm. I find that kind of thing uncomfortable and annoying to be honest! The ruching really draws attention to the belly, but the top section is very flattering.
 Again it's a bit ungenerous on the norks, I generally feel like I've been bandaged into this dress. Not for me, but it's pretty and I think it could look lovely on someone else!
 Nah! I took a chance on this, but it's not for me. They only had a 22 or 26, and considering my general experiences with Asos Curve I went for bigger
 Mistake! Too big. The boob pleats are way off so rather than looking loose it's obvious that I'm wearing the wrong size.
 Oddly tight on the arms. This is totally sheer with a slip underneath btw.
 I know this skirt looks okay in the picture, but I'm not keen in real life. Size 22, elasticated waist band, but I dunno, I don't like the way it falls, and it's a bit too see-through for my liking. I regret not getting the curve stripped chiffon skirt from a couple of years ago, but this isn't a good alternative for me.... maybe I'm just not happy to spend £20 on it? If Primark could just make one similar for £6 I'd ignore the slightly sheer fabric and odd hang!
 Size 22, stretch jersey, massive clown pants, already baggy on the knees so god knows how massive they would be after a few minutes sitting down! I was hoping that Asos would have improved the fabric of their peg leg trousers to make them less like pyjamas, but it's the same old same old.
 Not for me.
 As cute as these trousers are they feel too much like pyjama bottoms for me to feel comfortable wearing them out. Size 22, a nicer shape than the ones above, but even softer fabric. Almost like modal so they REALLY feel like PJ's!
 I can tell that they would also get baggy round the knees, and as I already have the asos black version that I only wear indoors ('cause they are see-through and get so baggy) I don't need another pair. 

 I can't tell you what this Club L top is like, because despite ordering a size 24 I couldn't get it on.... not anywhere near!

Bit of a bust really huh?!


  1. LMAO at tit crusher! I've gone off ASOS Curve in a big way the last few months. I didn't see anything snag-worthy in the sale at all. x

    1. There always loads of stuff I want, but it's all quite expensive at the moment.... asos used to be my cheap shop but some of their prices are a bit steep recently. xx

  2. Their sizing is all over the place at the moment I bought a swing dress and I love it but the arms are so tight it's really odd! I have reached a point where I have no idea what size to order as you can never be sure!! I hate dresses that squash your boobs as well!!! x

    1. It's so odd, I'm always having to get at least two of everything because I have no idea what size I'll get. I am getting sick of the more fitted dresses being super tight on my bust though, I dunno who they're designing these things for?! xx

  3. I've bought a couple of bits in the sale this time- a sleeveless swing dress (my first swing dress so not sure about that) and the black lace one after seeing it on you above! Fingers crossed.

    1. I love my swing dresses, I chuck them on when I feel rough and then feel surprised when I look in the mirror and think 'ooohh that's nice!'. The black dress is super cute, I was so glad that it was longer than it looked in the pictures! xx