Thursday, 9 January 2014

Leather Daddy

"I'm looking for something that says 'Dad likes leather'"

I had a successful Asos curve order at last! I have been looking at this dress for sooooo long, but seeing it on Claire just made it irresistible! It is my birthday present to myself, and I intend to wear it on my birthday dinner with the boyf..... I think I can spill BBQ sauce down it without ruining it which is a bonus, and I can comfortably sit down in it thanks to the back being made of soft and thick stretch jersey!
This is a size 24 and fits really well. If it was an inch shorter it would be too short for me, but it's just long enough for me to be happy, and the sleeves fit my massive arms which is ALWAYS a bonus! The dress is on sale for £56 and if you want a nice black shift dress you'd be hard to find one cooler than this!
Oh my god I LOVE this skirt! I took a chance on it because it was on sale for just £25.50, and for leather that is a fabulous price. Plus, IT'S BLUE! Oh how my heart sang when I saw how long it was. It's stupidly short on the model, but as with many asos items it's longer in real life so it's above my knees but is a very respectful length.
I ordered the 24 & the 26 because historically I have a big problem with asos non-stretch waist bands, reason being that my bum sticks out quite a bit, so the tighter the waist, the shorter the skirt at the back (honestly, sometimes it looks like a backwards dipped hem!) The 24 fitted but I wanted a looser fit so I have kept the 26. It is a little bit shorter at the back where it has to go over my big ass, but not by much, and it's so comfy. I'm happy with this loose fit, it's perfect on me!
It's nice over and under shirts! Can you tell how happy I am with this?! It also comes in green (SWOON!) but it's more expensive for some reason..... if the price on that one comes down I'm not going to be able to resist it! You can get this wonder of a skirt here, and you should get it because it's totally awesome!

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